Following Jennifer Huff’s remarks, Twitter criticized Nicki Minaj for meeting with ‘abusers’.

Warning: The following material includes a discussion of rape.

Jennifer Ho has given her first television interview where she has spoken. Nikki Minaj And her husband, Kenneth Patty.

Howe reported the rape to Patty, and claimed to have stabbed her when they were both 16 in 1994. The following year, he was convicted of attempted first-degree rape

Fans react to Jennifer Howe’s emotional interview

In an emotional chat. OriginalHuff explained. Manaj and her husband are now on trial. “Harassment, intimidation of witnesses, and intentional emotional distress, among other charges.” After Patty and Minaj allegedly sent colleagues. Over the past year, Hao has tried to retract his allegations. Petty was arrested in California after failing to register as a sex offender.

“I’m tired of being scared, I feel like the steps that have been taken in this whole situation have given me a different kind of fear at my age,” Hao said.

“It was wrong and I don’t want to be scared anymore,” he added.

After the interview, Twitter weighed in on the controversy, criticizing Minaj for defending her husband.

One person wrote on Twitter, “Nikki abuser dates.

Another user tweeted, “It’s crazy how Nicki Minaj fell. Shooty really ruined her reputation / legacy / etc and now the only thing to keep her here is her fan base. You really get to see her.” Hate

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Twitter against Nikki Minaj Stein culture

Even a fan hit. Minaj fans. To live with her and her husband

“Your love for Nikki doesn’t overshadow the fact that it’s ugly,” he wrote.

“I’ve only seen real interviews with Jennifer Howe and Walahi Nikki Manaj as sex offenders,” wrote another.

“I’m totally 1000% sure Jennifer ha! It didn’t mean to underestimate her in any way. Or even to forgive NM. She definitely woke up f * ck.” And need to understand what she is signing as an adult, “was another user’s position.

Finally, one person insisted on not letting “stain culture” win.

He wrote, “Nicki Minaj’s propaganda backup is starting, so I encourage you all to spread the word about Jennifer Howe’s story. In practice, nothing can silence Niki yet except crime.” Don’t let K-Stein culture win. ”

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Nikki Minaj Kenneth
Twitter erupts after serving Nikki Minaj for harassing her husband’s rape victim

Fans have expressed concern that the rapper is receiving too much negative publicity, especially since her husband was portrayed as her alleged victim.

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