“Food was good as was the service”: A customer left a 1-star review for this restaurant because the manager took away the waiter’s smartwatch

If you have ever read reviews of various restaurants, bars or cafes, you may have noticed that people are looking for delicious food or drinks and good customer service in such places. That’s what people usually complain about or pay attention to how amazing it was.

But there are other things that Reddit customers and users are also noticing. ScoobyDooItInTheButt based their entire review on the fact that the management was strict with the server and found it so inhuman that they decided to leave a 1 star review.

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The client saw how the manager took the smart watch of their server and decided to put it in the review

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The OP starts by saying that the food and service were good, but they didn’t like the way the manager treated his employee. According to the customer, the manager saw the server using their smartwatch during business hours and simply took it because “it was communicating with the outside world.”

Managers might think that talking on the phone or smartwatch might be distracting or seem disrespectful to customers, but the OP was more concerned that the server should work with such a controlling manager.

They heard the manager tell the server that they were taking a watch so the employee wouldn’t “talk to the outside world”.

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The OP goes on to defend the employee by saying that he did a good job, and that’s considering they were officially paid only $2.75 an hour, as many restaurants in the US can legally do, as waiters are expected to charge the minimum wage. from their advice.

If they don’t reach the minimum wage, the employer has to make up the difference, but since tips are so common in the US, restaurants don’t worry too much about it and don’t get upset about not paying the full amount. $7.25 This strategy helps business owners save money because, in effect, customers pay wages instead of them.

As a former server, the OP was very disappointed with the way the manager treated the employee, especially knowing how little they were earning.

It seems crazy that businesses are allowed to rely on customers to pay their employees, and the OP goes so far as to call it slave wages. The person who was the client in this situation says that he used to be a server, so this is very familiar to him.

Redditor explained in the review that being a server is not a person’s whole life and they really need to keep in touch with the outside world in order to get through their day. The OP suggests that servers will feel more motivated to focus only on their own work if employees finally pay them to do so.

But then these businesses won’t be as profitable as they can only generate income if they don’t spend too much money on paying their employees.

The review once again reminded people how low-paid servers are and that businesses often rely on customers to pay for employee salaries.

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This was a very different review that went viral on the internet as more often than not Karen complains about ridiculous details and the owner claps back defending his business or his employees.

This time, the client once again raised the issue that servers in the US are not paid enough and have to depend on clients’ willingness to tip, which, while highly expected, is not mandatory and really shows how small the businesses are. or companies care about the people who work for them.

Statistics show that because of the culture of tipping in the US, this way of thinking works, since tips make up more than half of the wages of waiters.

According to National Employment Bill (NELP), “The average share of hourly earnings derived from tips is 58.5% of waiter earnings and 54% of bartender earnings.”

There are a few the reasons why is this problematic. First of all, tips reinforce racial disparity, as white people get more tips than people of color, which means they widen the wage gap that already exists.

This leads to unequal pay, especially as customers tend to leave more money to white people and think they have a right to molest female waiters.

Tipping also makes customers feel more comfortable when they are out of place with waiters. 80 percent of women working in the food industry report being sexually harassed by customers while working.

Another negative thing tipping culture encourages is employee exploitation. Because tip pooling is legal, it makes it easy for businesses to keep income for themselves rather than giving it back to employees.

Redditor received a lot of positive feedback for mentioning the incident in a review and acknowledging unfair server pay.

Being a waiter is a tough job as they have long shifts when they are on their feet or running around the restaurant they may have to work very late or very early and they deal with demanding customers with a smile on their face so they can earn this is. tips, and their cost of living will be covered that month.

In addition, their managers may not be the most understanding people either and, as happened in this case, they even took away a personal item, despite the fact that the server is doing its job well, as the client who wrote the review experienced.

At the same time, they were sorry that the servers had to be humiliated in such a way, while receiving a penny.

People in the comments wondered how a manager could afford to take someone’s smartwatch, especially knowing that the waiter must have had to save a lot to be able to purchase it. They also praised the OP for mentioning the situation in the review as they were sorry the staff member had to go through this.

We would like to hear what you think about the revision and do you think that the pay system for service workers should be revised? Do you think it will help them earn more, or will it discourage people from tipping, leaving the waiter with a lower wage at the end of the month? Let us know about it in the comments!

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