Former Child Star Matthew Mindler’s Cause of Death Revealed

update: Matthew MandlerAccording to the Lancaster County Coroner’s report, suicides caused by toxic complications of sodium nitrate, which E! News received on Thursday, October 14.

Sodium nitrate is an oxidizing agent often used to preserve food. TMZ It is reported that the actor obtained the substance online and referred to his mother, Monica Mandler., As saying that her son recently did research on the compound on the Internet because it relates to suicide without pain.


Matthew MandlerOf Untimely death Suicide has been ordered.

On August 30, two days after the former child actor. Remains recovered The Lancaster County Coroner’s Office said near its Pennsylvania College campus. NBC News He died of suicide. Officials said the exact cause of Mindler’s passing was toxic results pending.

Mandeler was first reported missing by his family on August 25 when he failed to attend class or return to his Millersville University doorroom after appearing on security footage late at night. At about 8:8 pm on the night of August 24, a 19-year-old student was seen walking out of his residence building with a bag and black pants and a Millersville University sweatshirt.

President of Millersville University. Daniel A. Wahba. A letter confirming Miller’s death was addressed to staff and students and shared on social media.

Wooba pointed out that Miller was found dead in Munawar Township, Penn, about five miles from campus.

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