Former employee maliciously complies and “forgets everything about the company”, after 10 years the boss contacts asking for help

How many times have people been told that stinginess does not lead to anything good? Hundreds of books have been written about it, dozens of films have been made – but still there is some businessman who, while earning millions, is at the same time desperately trying to save on paper clips.

And it’s good, if only on paper clips – after all, sometimes they save both on client solutions and on the salaries of their own employees. And then, as in the best traditions of fairy tales, something happens, as a result of which stinginess is punished … until the next such case.

Interestingly, this Redditor, whose post in the Malicious Compliance community has received almost 20 thousand votes and more than 570 comments over the past few days, had to wait more than a decade for such an event. True, this mainly concerned their stingy former boss … however, in order.

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The original poster once worked for a company whose boss was a first-class curmudgeon.

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So, the original poster worked for the company years ago, and the CEO was a top-notch cheapskate who saved on everything he could, and even on a lot of things he couldn’t. For example, for a service solution for a large client from which the company received millions, but the boss did not want to pay several thousand dollars for an annual plan for hosting images.

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The OP had to find a free solution as the boss didn’t want to pay for image hosting.

Instead, the OP was tasked with finding an alternative free solution, and they found it by creating an account on the Flickr photo service. True, the OP honestly warned that their solution is like a house of cards and could collapse at any moment.

Just in case, they wrote down the credentials in a notebook that was in the desktop drawer. The “case” soon presented itself …

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The employee asked for a raise, but instead he was immediately offered to quit

A few months later, the OP got a promotion and went to the boss to ask for a raise (yes, all such decisions in the company had to be agreed with the CEO). The curmudgeon, of course, refused, saying that if the OP didn’t like something, they could quit.

The employee thought about it and quit, having received a threat to sue him if he further divulged any information about the company or customers to anyone. In other words, “forget everything you know about my company!” End of quote.

Former employee maliciously obeys and

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Ten years later, a former boss reached out and asked for help with the same client’s lost data.

The OP did just that; however, before leaving, they honestly sent the boss an email, where they reported all the credentials for their work accounts, as well as that the username and password from the Flickr account were written in a notepad that remained on the desktop. End of story…

Or not! About a decade later, the OP received an email from the same former boss with the familiar threat to sue them if they didn’t help recover important data. It turns out that over the years, not only did no one bother to change their image hosting account, but they didn’t even read that last letter, and when Flickr changed their terms of service, no one, of course, responded – and the images were deleted.

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The OP replied that they simply forgot everything related to work, as the boss himself demanded many years ago.

For the OP, the finest hour has come – the former boss was told that, in full accordance with his requirement, they forgot absolutely everything related to the previous work, and the credentials were in the notebook that the OP left ten years ago.

Frankly, the OP admits that even if they wanted to, they simply could not help the ex-boss, as they sometimes do not remember what they ate for breakfast, and certainly not the data they sent in an email ten years ago . In any case, stinginess was once again epicly punished.

Commentators found that there are a lot of stingy bosses around us

Interestingly, many people in the comments were not as polite as the OP, claiming that if they were in their place, they would simply respond to the boss using some kind of obscene words. It turns out that many have also encountered stingy bosses, and such bosses also spread threats to sue here and there and everywhere.

Also, some commenters were very curious about what the boss said in the OP’s email (and probably even more interested in seeing his face while reading that email). In any case, one can only guess.

In addition, we will be very happy to hear your comments and, of course, if you have already dealt with a mean boss earlier in your life, we will gladly read your story. Well, okay, if you yourself are such a boss, we hope you were not stingy with a single comment!

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