Former Nike Designer Plans To Reopen First HBCU In Detroit Focusing On Design

As many HBCU scholars and current students are preparing. coming home.The city of Detroit is preparing to reopen its first HBCU.

Originally founded in Indiana in 1928 as the Lewis College of Business by Violet T. Lewis, the former Nike designer, Dr. D. Wayne Edwards, plans to reopen the school after its closure in 2013. Detroit News.

Dr. Edwards said in a press release, “82 years later, and 14 years later when it lost its recognition as HBCU, I am proud that Water T. Lewis’ legacy in Detroit is being revived. Is.”

Edwards is said to have the support of Target, Mayor Mike Duggan and the Gilbert Family Foundation.

In order to be recognized as an HBCU, AdWords must go through the appropriate channels for approval.

“In order to fully open and operate as an educational facility, the PLC has to seek approval from the Michigan Department of Education, and to recognize the state legislature as an HBCU in the state of Michigan. The school’s application has to be approved. ” Reports

Mayor Duggan thinks there should be an HBCU in Detroit. Without a university, there is a vacuum in the city.

“Being primarily a black city, Detroit should historically have a black college. The absence of one has long been a hole in our educational landscape,” Mayor Mike Duggan said in a statement. Having the first HBCU anywhere will be a great demonstration of how our city is returning as a city of opportunity for people of color. ”

The official name of the school will be Pencil Lewis College of Business and Design (or PLC), as Edwards is also the founder of Pencil, a shoe design academy based in Portland, Oregon.

The school has also partnered with the College of Creative Studios (CCS). If all goes well, this will be the “first designed HBCU designed.”

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