Former Playboy bunny Holly Madison recalls her ‘painful’ first night at the mansion

Holly Madison opened up about her first meeting with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and how it left her “humiliated and intimidated”.

Holly Madison is detailing her years at the Playboy Mansion, revealing how “disgusting” she was when Hugh Hefner was “pushed over” her for sex the first night she visited the mansion Was.

41 year old, Who dated the founder of Playboy from 2001 – 2008, also claimed that Hef regularly took and shared photos of drunk women without consent, adding that he was relieved that the behavior would not be happening nowadays.

appearing on Power: Hugh Hefner Podcast on Mondays, reality star She recalled being invited to a night out with Hef, who died in 2017 at the age of 91, which she hoped would end up with and asked her to move in. playboy mansion,

Much to her shock, the night took a turn when she expected to sleep with Hef on the first night.

“I wasn’t expecting to have sex that night, I thought it would be a first date — even though obviously it’s not a very traditional first date,” Madison said, explaining that she was the late Playboy boss. Found a club.

“I thought it would be the type of thing where I saw what happened, what was happening.

“If I wasn’t comfortable with that, I wouldn’t have had to do anything and could make my own decision whether I wanted to come back for date number two.”

Explaining that she was “ruined” when she was taken back to the mansion with a group of women, Madison said what happened next was “painful.”

“He was literally pushed on me. And after it happened, I was just embarrassed and ashamed and it had a far more emotional impact on me than I thought.

While Madison clarified that it was not Hefner’s age that made her feel this way, her initial impression given that “he was really smart,” she was “terrified” that the rest of the mansion would know their ins and outs. Had sex life.

“It was more of a group aspect that was really out of my comfort zone and ‘Wow, well, this happened. Everybody knows it happened’.

“I suddenly felt like everyone was going to know about me, and I was so scared of it.”

Madison said that the next day, she came forward and asked if she could move into the mansion, remarking that if she hadn’t been given space, she would have been “haunted” by the experience.

Claim Hef took pictures of drunk women without consent

Madison also told the podcast that Hefner is often “sexually explicit” of drunk women who didn’t already live in the mansion without her consent.

“When the girls went out with Hef, in the limo, to the nightclub, and came back to his room, he was constantly taking pictures of these women on his disposable camera,” Madison said.

“And these women were almost always drunk. I know I was too drunk,” she explained, explaining that these women weren’t “regular girlfriends,” but “new girls who first hooked up with him at night. There were, or women who had come out of the country for testing in a center allegedly under professional circumstances.”

He said that women “will be pressured at times, not necessarily directly by him, he will even ask some of his girlfriends to do the same, pressurize them to come up.”

After taking pictures of women in her room, for example, “in her bathtub with her top off and another girl doing some sexually explicit poses,” Madison said that Hef would later make copies of the images and share them with others. will hand over. Mansion.

“I don’t know if she just assumed it was okay because all these women want to be so bad in the magazine that it’s okay for them to be naked,” Madison said. Lover about it.

Madison said, “I turned to Hef and said, ‘Can you stop handing out our nude photos to everyone, because one of the girls is putting it on the Internet.

His response was to tell the woman who posted him that “Holly got you out,” which led to a confrontation between the women.

Madison said Hefner enjoyed the tension among his teammates.


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