Former Sweetie Pie owner Tim Norman found guilty of hiring his nephew

There is a verdict! After more than 17 hours of deliberation, the jury recognized Tim Norman guilty on all counts of his murder-for-hire.

As we previously reported, the former Welcome to Sweetie Pie star was accused of orchestrating the murder of his nephew Andre Montgomery Jr. in 2016. Specifically, federal prosecutors accused Norman of hiring two people to end his nephew’s life before committing the crime. Montgomery’s $450,000 life insurance policy just two years prior.

Prosecutors said Norman paid Terika Ellis, an exotic dancer, $10,000 to lure his nephew to the area where he was shot dead. He then allegedly paid Travell Anthony Hill $5,000 to shoot his then 21-year-old nephew.

In his tearful court testimonyNorman said he helped Montgomery financially, hoping to be a “father” to him. He also testified that he took out a life insurance policy to help the business of his longtime client Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder for hire and wire fraud in the case.

Tim Norman was charged with conspiracy to commit murder for hire, murder for hire resulting in death, and mail fraud. He is due to be sentenced on December 15 and could be sentenced to life in prison.

Defense attorney Michael Leonard said he and Norman were “extremely surprised and disappointed with the outcome” of the case, adding that Norman plans to appeal the decision.

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