Former teen mom Leah Messer Corey Simms poses in a rare family photo with reclusive wife Miranda and daughter Remy, 5.

TEEN Mom’s fans catch a glimpse of Leah Messer’s ex in a family photo.

Cory Simms is Leah’s ex-husband and the father of 12-year-old twins Ali and Alia.


Teen mom Leah’s ex Cory is seen in a rare photo posted by his father Jeff.
Leah and Corey share 50/50 custody of their twin girls.


Leah and Corey share 50/50 custody of their twin girls.

Corey’s father Jeff Simms published a family photo on his Instagram page with the caption “Vacations in the Outer Banks! ☀️⛱🌊

The photo shows a bearded Corey seated in the upper right corner wearing camouflage shorts and a blue T-shirt.

His wife Miranda sits next to him with her hand on his stomach.

Also in the foreground is their common daughter, Remy, 6, who is rarely seen in photographs.

Teen Mom Fans Suck Up Leah Messer's Ex-Dad Corey Simms Jeff
Teen Mom fans think ex Leah's daughter Corey Remy looks grown up in new photo

Ali and Alia, 12, are also sitting on the stairs, while Alia is rocking her blonde bangs.

The former couple is successfully raising their children, although the situation has not always been smooth sailing.

Leah, 28, has struggled with substance abuse after being pregnant with youngest daughter Adaline, which she shares with another ex, Jeremy Calvert.

A young mother became addicted to prescription painkillers after a failed lumbar puncture during a caesarean section for 7-year-old Eddie.

Corey and Miranda accused Leah of drug use, but she denied the accusations in order to maintain custody of her children.


The mother of three sometimes shares photos of her daughters on her Instagram page.

Fans of the 30-year-old Teen Mom 2 star were shocked at how her kids have “grown up”.

Leah recently posted cute pictures of twins Alia and Alianna on her Instagram stories.

Alia ate an iced cupcake and Eli sat in the back seat of the car with their new French Bulldog puppy on her lap.

In another photo, Leah’s youngest daughter, nine-year-old Addy, was seen walking in the woods with a puppy.

Fans flooded Reddit to praise the cute footage, writing, “I feel so old! They are so mature and cute! Bless.”


Remy has been rarely seen since her birthday in November, when Grandpa Jeff shared another family photo.

The little girl smiled cutely in the photo next to her grandparents.

Corey, despite having over 23k followers on Instagram, rarely posts, so fans were thrilled to see Remy smile on her big day.

Corey last posted to his Instagram feed back in 2013, before Remy was born when he married Miranda.

The last Instagram photo of Cory with her three daughters was taken as the family got together to celebrate the New Year 2021.

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Again, the father of the Teen Mom 2 star, Jeff, posted a picture to the platform of his personal story: a selfie with Corey, Miranda and granddaughters Remi, Ali and Alia.

Jeff captioned the selfie, “Celebrating New Years with the Simms team! 😀🎊” while the family smiled during the festive game night.”

Corey and his girls were last seen in a New Year's Eve photo posted by his father, Jeff.


Corey and his girls were last seen in a New Year’s Eve photo posted by his father, Jeff.
Corey and his wife Miranda rarely post on social media.


Corey and his wife Miranda rarely post on social media.
Fans commented that Corey Simms' daughters look so grown up.


Fans commented that Corey Simms’ daughters look so grown up.

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