Fortune teller Nostradamus made 5 frightening predictions for 2023

After Nostradamus made shocking predictions for 2022 that turned out to be true, the fortuneteller returned to predicting events for 2023.

Among the predictions are the abdication of the king and even a global war.

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There are only three months left before the new year, and many of us are reflecting on the year just passed …

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And also think about what the new year can bring.

This is a great time to take a look at what’s in store for the year ahead…

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Fingers crossed it can’t get any worse than this year…or could it?

Well, judging by the opinion of the French astrologer, Nostradamus’ predictions for 2023 look pretty bleak.

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It is believed that Nostradamus predicted the future in his book. Propheciespublished in 1995 daily mail reports.

The publication reports that Nostradamus’s book was heavily inspired by biblical texts as well as his own experiences.

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Many of his predictions are open to interpretation and some feel they are vague and could mean anything…

But despite this, among the forecasts for this year, he predicted the invasion of robots and the strike of astroids …

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And then people talk a lot about it…

“Come on,” one user said.

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While another simply said: “Nostradamus and his ‘predictions’ have been discussed for centuries… always relevant and applicable to the present… and then refuted and reapplied. don’t interfere with global warming…convenient.”

“A great positive way to start 2022,” said a third.

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While others seemed to mark the forecasts as a disappointment.

“Well, that cheered me up to no end! Especially after I just watched a movie on Netflix about a comet that wiped out the Earth1, I’m not up to being honest anymore, ”added a fourth.

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“Anyone who actually reads the original predictions will know that they are so random and vague that they can mean whatever you want … and assign any weird meaning that suits your own opinion,” added another.

“At least the zombie apocalypse isn’t on the list.

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“For this to be true, we have to get these robots to do what he said. Otherwise, everyone is nothing more than a sad little theorist.”

“I’m sure my iPhone 8 will take over the house and start watching TV on its own lol. Soylent Green was also set to take place in 2022.”

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“These are our only hopes now,” concluded another.

According to daily mailNostradamus predicted in his 1555 book that climate change would become such a problem that it would not rain for forty years.

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Eventually, when the rains did return, Nostradamus declared that there would be “great floods” that would affect many countries.

He also predicted that in 2022 climate change would cause sea temperatures to rise so high that fish would be half cooked.

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The United Nations recently warned that planet Earth is likely to warm 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next twenty years, more than a decade earlier than previously thought.

We have already seen folding in parts of Asia and the Middle East in countries such as Pakistan and Dubai.

Nostradamus also predicted in his book that this year the Earth will be hit by an asteroid, which will cause fires and many deaths as a result.

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“New, swift and sudden rain / Sudden stop two armies / Heavenly stone, fire turn the sea to stone / Sudden death of seven on land and sea,” he reportedly wrote in one passage.

Nostradamus then predicted that inflation would cause mass starvation.

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“No abbots, no monks, no novices to learn/Honey will cost much more than candle wax/So high is the price of wheat that a man is worried/His neighbor to eat him in desperation,” he is said to have written.

Prices are rising in many countries around the world, partly due to the coronavirus pandemic, but even more so due to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

And finally, Nostradamus predicted the emergence of robots and artificial intelligence.

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“The moon at midnight over a high mountain / A new sage with a lonely brain sees it / His disciples invited to become immortal / Eyes to the south / Hands in the chest, bodies on fire,” he wrote.

But what has us glued to our screens are his predictions for 2023…

As reported in LADBible, a fortune teller uncovered one revelation bomb…

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Nostradamus announced that Charles would abdicate, and this made Nostradamus believers raise their eyebrows.

The fortune teller also predicted the Third World War, and with the growing hostility between Russia and Ukraine, this could be possible.

“Seven months of the Great War, people died of atrocities,” wrote a 15th-century mystic.

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But reports it is also speculated that this may also refer to the conflict taking place in Southeast Asia between China and Taiwan and the possibility of a conflict related to the nuclear program.

However, this conflict could escalate as the US announced it would increase its support for Taiwan…

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And they even approved a $6.5 billion bill to support the country’s defense against China.

Nostradamus also said that light will fall on Mars, which will open up new possibilities …

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Like, for example, humans end up visiting the fourth planet from the Sun.

And that is not all…

He also said that by 2023 the religious leader would step down and be replaced by a rather threatening leader. reports.

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And you have to look at what he wrote…

“In the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will be Peter the Roman, who will shepherd his flock amid many sorrows, after which the city of seven mountains will be destroyed and the terrible Judge will judge the nations. End.”

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But he also predicted that “heavenly fire on the King’s building” would change the whole world and simply be the end of time.

By saying this, he showed that there would be a “new world order” that would see the union of two powers, potentially a man and a woman, coming together.

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But it won’t last long.

Well, what do you think?

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