Frasier fans always skip this episode on rewatch

In Season 3 Episode 11 (“Friend”), Fraser Crane (Kelsey Grammer) tries to dump his new friend Bob (Griffin Dunn), whom he finds annoying. However, Bob is in a wheelchair and Frazier is afraid that Bob will blame their wheelchair for their incompatibility. He avoids Bob at all costs until he finally breaks up with him and tells him the truth. Bob feels like a jerk, and to make him feel better, Frazier blames the chair instead. Of course, Fraser quickly regrets this decision too.

On the r/Frasier subreddit, and / 14159548210 asked which Frasier episode fans disliked the most. The name “Friend” appeared more than once, and several people expressed a desire to skip the recording when re-watching “Fraser”. For example, u/ArchiXJ posted a comment that reads, “There are a few episodes that I constantly miss, the main one being ‘Friend’. at / on needles said they didn’t like this episode, and you/danied13 stated that it is always transmitted.

Reddit fans aren’t the only ones who think this episode isn’t very fun to watch. In fact, according to IMDb, “Friend” is the lowest rated episode of the third season. Despite being a popular series, not every episode will be successful and some will unfortunately not stand the test of time. While many of the Frasier recordings are good enough to earn a spot on our list of the top 30 Frasier episodes, Friend is just one of those skippable chapters that doesn’t resonate with fans.

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