Frazier fans don’t have that unpopular opinion of Niles

AT p / Frazier subreddit, u/redd_it_here posted what they openly admit to be unpopular opinion. “Is it just me, or does Niles sometimes seem intrusive, rude and inconsiderate?” They developed several examples. Throughout the show, Niles often lies to Fraser and breaks promises, makes fun of him for his radio show, shows up uninvited at his brother’s apartment, and doesn’t share the burden of caring for Martin.

Looks like u/redd_it_here isn’t the only one who has feelings for Niles. Back in 1996, when David Hyde Pierce himself spoke to Los Angeles Times and when asked if he and Niles would get along in real life, he told a reporter, “I guess I couldn’t stand him.”

However, some in the thread were quick to defend Niles in terms of comedy. Niles’ deep-rooted desire to appear effortlessly refined and privileged, his awkward and mostly unrequited love for Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves), his disdain for the rough and the underclass all often motivate him to act inappropriately. things, but if they never happened, there would often be no plot. “At times he is, and that’s the point,” wrote you/benjimon. “If he wasn’t one of those things, there wouldn’t be a conflict and there wouldn’t be a point to having him on the show.”

Others defend Niles as a person. you/JackintheBoxman argued that showing up at Frazier’s apartment unannounced is simply what close family and friends do in the expectation that they will have a chance to socialize. Bye u/DaAtramentisViolets indicates that there is an early episode in which Niles and Frazier discuss sharing the cost of Daphne’s work and Martin’s care.

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