‘Friends’ co-creator regrets introduction of Chandler’s transgender parent

Friends co-creator Martha Kaufman recently opened up about the show’s lack of diversity, saying she feels “embarrassed” about “not knowing better”. her regrets.

Now she talked about one of the parents of the character of the series and about the introduction of this character …

Now we are first introduced to Friends gang in 1994.

Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey burst onto our screens in September 1994.

It was an instant hit.

The comedy is about friends who live in the same New York apartment building in their twenties.

We learned all the subtleties of their daily life …

And in a way they became ours own friends… It’s trite, but it’s true.

The show touched on serious topics …

Ross and Rachel were No on a break. Period.

There was a lot of iconic moments throughout the show’s ten seasons.

Rachel’s English bauble, Chandler’s piece, the Thanksgiving turkey incident on Joey’s head…

The list goes on.

Despite the series coming to an end in 2004, it remains one of the most watched shows on Netflix and its fan base is as strong as ever.

All of them fully embodied their characters.

And none of us can see them in anything more.

The gang has earned a lot of money for these 10 years…

Allegedly, every cast was to their liking. salary 1 million dollars per episode in later seasons of the show, a historic figure.

Despite everyone’s love for the show, since it ended, many have scolded the creator for its lack of variety.

Kaufman finally addressed the issue: “I’ve learned a lot in the last 20 years,” she said on a recent Zoom. interview. “Admitting and accepting guilt is not easy. It hurts to look at myself in the mirror. I am ashamed that I did not know anything 25 years ago,” she added.

Greenwich Village in New York, where the 6 characters lived, is known as a diverse and well-known gay area.

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And throughout the series, there were very few black characters.

“I knew then that I needed to correct course,” Kaufman later explained.

And in an attempt to right her past mistakes, she pledged to donate $4 million to the Department of African and African American Studies at Brandeis University.

This “supports an outstanding scholar focused on the study of the peoples and cultures of Africa and the African diaspora.”

And “to help the department recruit more experienced scholars and faculty, identify long-term academic and research priorities, and provide new opportunities for students to participate in interdisciplinary scholarship,” the university announced.

“It took me a long time to figure out how I internalized systemic racism,” Kaufman said. Brandeis.

“I worked very hard to become an ally, an anti-racist. And it seemed to me that this was a way to take part in the conversation from the point of view of a white woman.

She added about her decision to donate a large sum: “In this case, I’m finally literally putting my money into what I say,” Kaufman said. “I feel like I was finally able to change the course of the conversation.”

“I must say that after I agreed to this and when I stopped sweating, it didn’t unload me, but raised me. But for now, in my next production, I can get it right. It’s not over yet. From now on, I want to make sure that in every job I do, I am aware of the need to hire people of color and actively pursue young writers of color. I want to know that now I will act differently. And then I will feel unburdened.”

Kaufman has now expressed regret over the show’s depiction of Chandler’s transgender parent.

“We kept referring to her [Chandler’s transgender parent] as “Chandler’s father” even though Chandler’s father was transgender.” she started.

“I didn’t understand pronouns yet, so we didn’t call this character ‘she’, that was a mistake,” Kaufman added.

Currently, Friends the creators don’t really to admit that Chandler’s parent was transgender and was going through puberty until years after the end of the show.

And in the series, this character was often the butt of jokes.

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But Kaufman says she’s now focused on trying to create an inclusive and diverse workplace where a sense of “safety” is a priority.

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