Full House fans all agree that this member of the Tanner family deserved better.

Fans on Reddit have made it abundantly clear that they think Patriarch Danny Tanner deserved much more during his time at both Full House and Fuller House. ‘Housefull’ made my man Danny dirty,” wrote u/Good_mobile_3234. “If his wife’s death wasn’t enough, he was left alone.” Indeed, Full House begins with the death of Danny’s wife, and later we watch his most significant love interest in the entire series, Vicki Larson (Gale Edwards), break off their engagement so she can continue her career. “They really did the character a disservice by turning his life into such a volatile mess. I feel like he deserved more happily ever after,” agreed you/anongirl55.

Other fans chimed in throughout the thread to vent their annoyance with the show for treating Danny so badly. Perhaps the most egregious example of this comes in the third season of Fuller House, when it is revealed that Danny and his new wife Teri (Eva LaRue) have divorced, leaving him single again for no reason. This storyline is not explored at the end of the series, and Danny Tanner is just as lonely at the end of Fuller House as he was at the start of Full House. This kind of disappointing treatment of Danny is especially tragic in the wake of Bob Saget’s shocking death in 2022, which all but confirms that Danny Tanner will never have a happy ending.

Danny Tanner’s sole purpose throughout “Full House” was to make his family’s life the best it could be, and in the end, the show rewards him for that unconditional love by making him a lonely widower – so it’s no wonder fans are so upset about how it ended. his history.

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