Furious neighbors Katie Price complain that ATVs are racing around her three-acre home, “causing noise and unrest.”

Katie Price’s neighbors took up arms, claiming that people were “driving ATVs” around her three-acre estate.

Locals allegedly complained about the former glamorous model’s West Sussex’s land activities to the local council, claiming it was “too much noise and worry” for a green space.


Katie Price reportedly infuriated neighbors riding her ATVs.Credit: Rex Features
Local residents allegedly complained about


Local residents allegedly complained about “noise” and “confusion” to the councilCredit: News Burst

Last week, we exclusively revealed that Karl is expanding his car business and selling a fleet of 12 engines from his rural estate.

Aerial photographs obtained by Kristen Bell Tattoos show 16 vehicles outside the sprawling property, with three more visible on the ground next to the nine-bedroom home.

Kristen Bell Tattoos contacted local council and spokesperson Katy for comment.

Earlier this month, Kristen Bell Tattoos revealed how Karl, 32, parked his used luxury cars in its endangered property.

In recent weeks, he has put up a few more motors for sale, and now he has a dozen in his home that can be sold to pay off the debts of bankrupt Katie.

Advertising frames on AutoTrader show cars, including Range Rover, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes, lined up in your driveway.

The site contains the address of Katie’s home. Engines include a £ 250,000 Lamborghini Diablo, a £ 24,995 Porsche Panamera and a £ 31,995 Mercedes M Class.

Her £ 2 million home, which is in jeopardy due to Katy’s bankruptcy proceedings, has been labeled a “dirty mansion” after falling into disrepair.

Last year, the ceiling collapsed and flooded the kitchen after a search by intruders.


Meanwhile, the photos came days after we learned that Katie had set a date for her wedding to Karl – her birthday.

The reality TV star revealed to friends that she plans to tie the knot with her fiancé on May 22 – the day she turns 44 – and it will become a fairground theme at her Sussex McKee mansion.

A close friend of Katie told us: “Katie’s lucky number is her date of birth, so what could be happier than her real birthday?

“She tells everyone that Karl will be her fourth and last husband – he is the Chosen One.

“She plans to make this day unforgettable – it will be at her home in West Sussex, and she needs a fair – they both love roller coasters – and a pork roast.

“Karl wants to drive a supercar and impress. In fact, she wants this wedding to be completely different from all her other weddings. “

One thing, however, will remain the same – Katie will pick the famous bridesmaid, including Michelle Heaton.

“Katie asked Michelle Heaton to become her bridesmaid – she is one of Katie’s best friends, and they were always there for each other,” added the insider.

Sources say Michelle, who was a bridesmaid at Katy’s wedding to Peter Andre in 2005, may have been joined by Kerry Katona (who was a bridesmaid at the same wedding) and Kami Lee, who was a guest on Katie’s vow renewal to Kieran Hailer.

On Good Morning Britain this week, Katie revealed that wedding plans are in full swing as she dodged jail after pleading guilty to drunk driving in December and wanting to get married in the UK. so her mom can attend.

She says it’s very important that her mom, Amy, who has an incurable lung condition called idopathic pulmonary fibrosis, is at her fourth wedding.

The star has three acres of land


The star has three acres of landCredit: News Burst
A source told us that Karl wants to come to the ceremony in a supercar.


A source told us that Karl wants to come to the ceremony in a supercar.
A friend of the couple also informed us that Katie is expected to have bridesmaid Michelle Heaton.  In the photo of 2010


A friend of the couple also informed us that Katie is expected to have bridesmaid Michelle Heaton. In the photo of 2010
I am marrying Karl in England so that my terminally ill mother can be there, – says Katie Price, revealing the wedding plans.

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