‘Fury of the Gods’ director just toasted Dwayne Johnson on Instagram

Now if you haven’t subscribed yet David F. Sandberg’s Instagram page you should probably go ahead and do it because “Shazam!” and the director of “Lights Out” loves the site very much and posts regularly about the projects he’s working on. This includes a recent series of posts called “Totally True Stories from Shazam 2,” which are essentially mini-comics animated by Sandberg himself that hilariously detailed fictional behind-the-scenes stories from the film’s making.

To date, Sandberg has published three such posts about Shazam: Wrath of the Gods. The first featured franchise newcomer Helen Mirren. The second featured returning star Jack Dylan Glazer. And the third one really lovingly roasted Black Adam himself, Dwayne Johnson. He did this by cheekily acknowledging the not-quite-chameleon-like onscreen persona that Johnson had created over the course of his acting career, and Sandburg penciled himself in while meeting The Rock several times, donning a variety of not-so-deceptive disguises. Along the way, Johnson is supposed to slip Sandberg anonymous notes about the shifting balance of power in the DC Universe, signing them only with measurements of his biceps.

It’s safe to assume that Sandburg wrote and posted the roast entirely as a joke, of course, noting specifically in the last frame that he can’t be sure if he’s ever met Dwayne Johnson. Heck, one could even logically take this cheeky moment as winking confirmation of the rumor that Black Adam would make a cameo appearance in The Fury of the Gods (according to Movie mix). But only time will tell at this point.

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