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FX Bucking dogs The show has been renewed for a third season ahead of its Season 2 finale on September 28. The new season is expected to be released exclusively on Hulu in 2023.

From creators Sterling Harjo and Taika Waititi, Bucking dogs Follows the exploits of “Elora Dinan” (Dori Jacobs), “Bear Small Hill” (Dee Pharoah Won-A-Tai), “Willy Jack” (Paulina Alexis) and “Cheese” (Len Factor), four local teenagers. Rural Oklahoma.

After the death of the fifth member of the Reservation Dogs, the crew steals, plans and saves in order to terrifyingly fulfill their dream of reaching the exotic, mysterious and remote land of California. But after a promising start to their criminal endeavours, which include the legendary robbery of a Flaming Flamers Chips truck, some old lady weed eaters and some low-level grand theft auto conversions, the plan goes awry. The group dispersed, everyone trying to make their own way.

The critically acclaimed series is notable for featuring a local team of first-time writers, directors, and series regulars, and is one of the most-watched programs on Hulu and FX.

Bucking dogs continues its stellar run with critics, fans, and awards recognizing the singularity of the series created by Sterling Harjo and Taika Waititi,” said Nick Grad, President, Original Programming, FX. “FX Hulu is proud to join its partners in ordering a third season featuring the incredible cast and artists who deliver the most original, engaging and funny shows on television.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of the show I created with my friend Taika Waititi,” Harjo said. “It was born out of a conversation in Taika’s kitchen and has now made its way into the lives of people around the world. Love for Season 2 has been amazing. Thanks to FX for ordering Season 3, Rez. Excited to bring you more laughter and love from. Ahoo!”

Executive producers include Harjo, Waititi, and Garrett Basch. Bucking dogs Produced by FX Productions.

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