‘Game of Thrones’ star Sean Bean says intimacy coordinators ‘ruin the spontaneity’ of sex scenes

Actor Sean Bean became angry at the presence of intimacy coordinators in film and television programs.

Game of Thrones as well as Lord of the Rings The 63-year-old star said in profile interview with Times UK intimacy coordinators “spoil the immediacy” of sex scenes.

“It will slow me down more because it draws attention to things. Someone says: “Do it, put your hands there while you touch his thing … I think that the natural behavior of lovers will be destroyed if someone reduces it directly to a technical exercise,” Bean said.

But acting is generally considered a technical exercise in which the actor is guided by someone who tells him what to say and do.

Intimacy coordinators are increasingly showing up on set to make actors feel comfortable with the physical movements required in a sex scene. The inclusion of intimate relationship facilitators has been reinforced since the MeToo movement.

Intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien explained to news.com.au in 2020 what her job is. She said, “We have an understanding of the physicality, body movements and anatomy, as well as the acting process and how they can serve the script.

“We want to know what doesn’t suit you as a person and we can creatively work with the actor with your consent and help with the production. When we work on the basis of a clear yes from the actors, the sex scene will be much better.

“Then once you’re in front of the camera, your actors can be free because they know they can trust what they’ll touch and where they touch their fellow actor.”

Bean made comments in context Lady Chatterley1993 TV movie with him and Joely Richardson.

He said of his experience: “Lady Chatterley was spontaneous. It was joy. There was good chemistry between us and we knew that what we were doing was unusual because she was married, I was married.

“But we followed history. We tried to portray the truth about what D. H. Lawrence wrote.”

Bean also said Times UK scenes from his current series Through the snow in which he and another actor, later revealed to be co-star Lena Hall, were nude and featured Mango.

“I think they actually cut out a bit,” he said. “Often the best work you do – when you try to push the boundaries and the very nature of this experiment – ​​gets censored when broadcasters or advertisers say it’s too much. It’s a beautiful scene, quite surreal, dreamlike and abstract. And mango-esque.”

When Times UK The reporter pointed out to Bean that intimacy coordinators were often there to protect actors, Bean responded by saying that it was up to the actor and that Hall “had a background in music in a cabaret, so she was ready for anything”.

Hall later responded on Twitter, saying that she was perfectly comfortable with Bean in the scene, but still saw the value of intimacy coordinators.

She wrote, “If I feel comfortable with my stage partner and other people in the room, I won’t need an intimate relationship coordinator. But if there is any part of me that feels weird, rude, over-exposed, etc., I will either challenge the need for a scene or I will need (an intimacy coordinator).

“I feel that intimacy coordinators are a welcome addition to the set and I think they could also help with trauma from other scenes. Sometimes you need them and sometimes you don’t, but every person, scene and experience is different.”

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Hall also clarified that her professional background is in theatre, not cabaret, although she does occasionally perform in cabaret, but that “doesn’t mean I’m ready for anything.”

Other actors have also come out in defense of intimate coordinators, including West Side Story Rachel Zegler’s breakthrough.

She tweeted, “Intimacy coordinators create a safe environment for actors. I was very grateful for the one we hadWest Side Story) – showed favor to a beginner like me + trained those around me who had many years of experience. Spontaneity in intimate scenes can be dangerous. Get up.”

An infamous scene-unsafe incident is the experience of actress Maria Schneider, who at the age of 19 starred in a rape scene in a 1972 film by Bernardo Bertolucci. Last Tango in Paris.

She said that the oil penetration scene was not in the original script for filming and was only told about it minutes before filming. Bertolucci said he didn’t tell her about the scene because he wanted her performance to be real and furious.

Later, recalling the ordeal, Schneider said, “I was so angry. I felt humiliated and, to be honest, I felt a little raped by both Marlon (Brando) and Bertolucci.”

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