Game Theory Boards Tibetan-Language Drama ‘Tenzin’ – Global Briefs – Deadline

Special: Game Theory Films Canadians have acquired Canadian rights to Tibetan language drama. Tenzin. The film, co-directed by Michael Lee Blank and Joshua Reichmann, will have its world premiere next month at this year’s Tallinn Black Nights Festival. For the first time with a cast of actors, Tytler’s character is a young Tibetan man living in Toronto whose older brother burns himself in protest of the non-violence against Tibetans living in the current Chinese occupation. ۔ Tanzan is struggling to lose her brother while living with one foot in the culture of Western youth. Producers are Brian Robertson of Low & K and Younger Betty Films’ Julie Baldasi, with Matt McIsack and Dan Sturberg serving as executive producers. Hillary Hart told Game Theory Films that the film would be released in theaters in early 2022. “The Canadian Tibetan population is small, but it’s a story with universal appeal. We know it resonates with audiences from all backgrounds.

Netflix The international agency will launch a short film competition in Sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with UNESCO. African folk tales, re-imagined. Led by industry professionals, the six winners will watch and provide a بج 75,000 production budget for a short film that will be shown on Netflix next year. These projects will be developed by local companies. Each winner will also receive $ 25,000. Streimer said the goal is to discover new voices in the region. Admissions open on October 14 and close on November 14.

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