Gas Beadle’s garage makeover with HUGE soft play for his kids

GEORDIE Shore OG star Gas Beadle has transformed his garage into a soft play haven for his two children.

The 33-year-old MTV character shares Chester’s son and daughter Primrose with wife Emma McVeigh and has clearly gone above and beyond to make them happy.


Geordie Shore OG Gaz Beadle has transformed its garage into a huge padded playground.Credit: YouTube
Gas shares Chester's son and daughter Primrose with wife Emma McVeigh


Gas shares Chester’s son and daughter Primrose with wife Emma McVeighCredit: INSTAGRAM

On the joint YouTube channel of the couple, Gaz and Emma, ​​he uploaded a video titled “SURPRISE CHILDREN! … we have transformed our garage. “

Clearly agitated, he announced in the opening scenes: “We have several secret rooms that we have not yet shared with you.

“To be honest, now this is probably my favorite room in the house – we like it, I have a feeling that the children will like it …”

However, he took a first look at the fans before letting the youngsters relax on the colorful equipment.

Opening the side door to their house, he saw a sign that read: Chester and Primrose’s Soft Play.

The camera then showed a bright green soft floor with floral patterns and a colorful climbing tower with objects, including a huge rainbow toy.

A green slide led to a cheerful green and white ball pit, and an image of a fairytale castle adorned the wall.

Multicolored soft staircases led to the play area, and soft gray blocks on the floor were perfect for building and building at ground level.

Earlier in the video, he showed the bare red floors of an empty garage before the equipment was installed.

He chuckled, “I can’t wait to see the look on the kids’ faces, when they see it in the house!”

Fans were quick to share his excitement – they all commented on the same thing.

They were united in their appreciation for Gas’s efforts, and one of them wrote: “I really loved … everything you do is for your children and it shines right through … the happiness on their small faces was priceless … I can’t wait to see the rest of the house. “

Another wrote: “Oh, this is the sweetest surprise!” as a third wrote: “Absolutely in love, your children are so lucky and happy that you are both their parents! This is so inspiring ✨️ “

Then one of them thought about his past wild reality show on Geordie Shore when they wrote, “It’s crazy to see how much Gary has grown. Love it, it looks amazing! “


The reality star previously told Kristen Bell Tattoos that two kids is his limit, as he said, “Two is hard enough. I think if you had asked us earlier, we could have said three, but that was before we realized how difficult it is.

“If we had two boys or two girls, maybe everything would be different, but we have one perfect each.

“They have a good age gap, so I think we both agreed that we were done.”

He said that 2020 was “hell” for the couple due to the fact that Primrose has been in and out of the hospital since birth, and doctors have struggled to understand why she suffers from stomach problems.

This has forced the loving couple to postpone their wedding until this year, but Gaz insists they are stronger than ever.

He said: “It was hell at times, we hardly spend time together, but it made us stronger.

“You understand that if we can survive two children under two years of age with acid reflux and colic and spend days and nights in and out of the hospital, we can survive anything.

“I love, respect and admire Emma so much. There were times when I looked at her in the hospital and was just amazed at how she coped. Anyway, it made me love her even more. “

He said the fun, multicolored space was his favorite room in the house.


He said the fun, multicolored space was his favorite room in the house.Credit: YouTube
There are many safe places for children to climb.


There are many safe places for children to climb.Credit: YouTube
Cool lighting systems add a party atmosphere


Cool lighting systems add a party atmosphereCredit: YouTube
The wife of Geordie Shore’s star Gas Beadle, Emma McVeigh, was rushed to the hospital and is on a drip after losing a lot of blood.

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