Gemma Collins ‘nephew cleans his parents’ ears with candles in a weird holistic therapy

Former nephew of The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins has been spotted cleaning her parent’s ears as part of an odd complex therapy.

The reality TV star posted on Instagram a video in which Hayden, holding back a laugh, holds candles in the ear of the star’s mother, Joan.


Hayden could be seen helping with the strange therapy.1 credit
Gemma's parents seemed to enjoy the treatment.


Gemma’s parents seemed to enjoy the treatment.1 credit

Gemma, 40, filmed her parents lying comfortably on the floor and chair in the dining room, practicing strange alternative therapy.

Treatment, which is said to weaken earwax and improve sinus drainage, involves placing a large hollow handle in the ear and burning it at the top.

Hayden, 13, helps his aunt when he puts a candle in her mom Joan’s ear and Gemma praises him for being “a good grandson.”

“Good grandson, Hayden is a good grandson,” she said through giggles as Joan snored loudly in the background and the boy smiled for the camera.

Gemma explained under her father Alan’s photograph: “Hopi ear candles. Children don’t do this at home, this is for adults. Don’t do it unattended. “

It came just days after Gemma and Hayden showed off their dance moves when she donned a stunning leopard print outfit at a TikTok contest.

Gemma looked happier than ever when she filmed her doing a few moves to Rod Stewart’s Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? with his nephew.

Hayden, her brother Russell’s son, wore a bright yellow tracksuit, while Aunt Gee chose an animal number.

The self-proclaimed diva looked fresh last week when she took off her no-makeup for a video to tell fans she was joining TikTok.

The star said: “Guys, this is GC, yes, it’s me and my nephew Hayden, he won’t be back at school until tomorrow. We made TikTok. I want you all to watch it, I want it to go viral! “

In the meantime, she also shared some pictures from her New Years celebration with fiancé Rami Hawash at a luxury five-star hotel in the capital.

They squandered the money to stay at The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, in the heart of London’s Knightsbridge.

This comes after the TV star recently revealed that she has days when she feels “ugly” and “not good enough.”

Talking about Protect unsafe podcast, she said, “Sometimes you have a day off. You know, you’re just like, “Oh, I look very ugly today, I don’t feel myself.” Just these weird things, like my life seems really good, what if something goes wrong? Am I good enough to do this job? Am I confident?

“You know, everyone has it, so when people see me, for example, performances on TV and the like, before that, you sometimes doubt yourself a little. But then I just take a deep breath and say, “I have nothing to lose, I just have to do it. But you know, I wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have hard days, you know? “

The couple, who were together from 2011 to 2014, got back together during the pandemic.

“We are so happy, now I have a little adopted son and I have a really good balance,” Gemma said.

“This is not all work, I have a wonderful personal life, and, God forbid, we will have a child next year, when I have time to do what needs to be done to have a child, because I have recently time was short. Sorry, Ram!

“I feel like now I have my family, my own family, and we are going to be a family, and this has truly been the best year of my life.”

Gemma and Hayden were spotted dancing on TikTok last week.


Gemma and Hayden were spotted dancing on TikTok last week.1 credit
Gemma Collins demonstrates incredible dance moves

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