Gemma Collins says her mother ‘met an alien on the train’ and used her ‘sixth sense’ to ‘talk to her telepathically’.

GEMMA Collins reveals how her mother claims to have “meet an alien on a train” and uses her “sixth sense” to talk to her.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star opened up about her mother Joan’s bizarre alien encounter on The Gemma Collins podcast this week.

Gemma said her mother Joan used her brain to talk to aliens


Gemma said her mother Joan used her brain to talk to alienscredit: Instagram
Gemma said that her mother was able to use her "the sixth Sense" to talk to the supernatural


Gemma said that her mother was able to use her “sixth sense” to speak to the Alamy

Gemma, 40, Said that his mother noticed something “weird” about the extra-terrestrial, which looked like a “dead-eyed man” while traveling on the train.

Joan used her witch powers to “telepathically speak”, which she believed was capable of reading her mind from across the car.

GC explained: “I believe in aliens – my mother actually met one on the train. She said, ‘I was on the train and I saw this guy’.

“Her sixth sense, being a witch, didn’t feel right, so my mom started feeling really uncomfortable. She didn’t feel right.”

Gemma elaborated that the “dead-eyed” creature was hiding its face behind a newspaper as Joan spoke to her via telepathy.


He asked the man to rustle his newspaper three times to confirm that he was from another planet and could read his thoughts.

“The eyes were dead. So he said in his head, ‘rustle your newspaper up and down, go up and down with your newspaper three times if you’re a foreigner’,” Gemma went on.


“He did it. My mom believed this man was reading her mind. The alien was literally made up of a human. But she never arrived at that story.”

Gemma jokingly concluded that she was not afraid of aliens, and hoped to meet one – inviting any bumpy people to her home for Christmas.

“I believe they’re real. I’d love to meet them. If there’s any aliens looking to come somewhere for Christmas, come to me,” he joked.

This came shortly after Gemma publicly opened up about no longer wearing jewelery afraid that he will be robbed by the gang,

Her Tovy friend Joey Essex was dragged at knifepoint for her £10,000 Rolex in a horrific street encounter in 2012, and Gemma is eager to avoid the same fate.

This means that precious jewellery, such as the £16,000 ring given to her by boyfriend Rami in 2013, spends most of her time in a safe.

in one Exclusive conversation with Surya, Gemma said: “I know we’ll end up together, but marriage isn’t our priority at the moment. They paid for a ring years ago, but I only wear it when I see Rao or my security guard, I’m with Sid.

“I don’t wear any jewellery. I don’t keep any jewelery at my house, it’s all locked in a safe. I’m knowledgeable enough to know that there are gangs in London who chase you.

“You have to be more careful on the ball. This happened to poor Joey, it’s so scary.”

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