Gemma Collins says that her house is surrounded by crop circles, and is convinced that she will see an alien during her lifetime.

GEMMA Collins says she’s surrounded by crop circles at her £ 1.3m Essex property and she’s sure to meet an alien before she dies.

The 40-year-old chatted with comedian Kate Lemon on her BBC podcast The Gemma Collins.


Gemma Collins said crop circles surround her Essex propertyCredit: Instagram / GemmaCollins

They were chatting about co-hosting a paranormal investigation show when Gemma made startling statements.

“I believe in them, and we will seem like them in our lifetime,” – began GC.

“I’ve known about aliens for years, so by the time I actually come to see one in my life … and I live in a country, Keith, I’m surrounded by fields,” the comedian added, “that’s where they are always emanate. “

“And there are round crops next to me so they can land.”

Gemma later said of the couple’s potential alien show: “Area 51, if they knew GC and Kate Lemon were coming, they would open up.”

Earlier this month, Gemma talked about her mom Joan’s strange alien encounter on her podcast.

Gemma, 40, said her mom noticed something “strange” about the alien who looked like a “man with dead eyes” as she rode the train.

Joan used her spellcasting abilities to “talk telepathically” with a being she believed could read her mind through the carriage.

GC explained, “I believe in aliens – my mom actually met one on the train. She said, “I was sitting on the train and saw this guy.”

“Her sixth sense of being a witch seemed to be wrong, so my mom started to feel very uncomfortable. Something was wrong about him. “

Gemma described in detail that the creature with “dead eyes” hid its face behind a newspaper while Joan talked to him through telepathy.

She told the man to flip through the newspaper three times to confirm that he was from another planet and could read her mind.

“The eyes were dead. So, she said to herself: “Rustle the newspaper up and down, raise and lower the newspaper three times if you are an alien,” Gemma continued.

“He did it. My mom thinks this guy read her mind. The alien literally turned into a human. But she was never able to forget this story. “

In conclusion, Gemma joked that she is not afraid of aliens and hopes to meet one of them, inviting bored aliens to her home for Christmas.

“I believe they are real. I would like to meet them. If there are any aliens looking for somewhere to come over for Christmas, come and see me, ”she joked.

Gemma also revealed on her podcast that she and her fiancé Rami Hawash will celebrate the New Year in his hometown of Bethlehem.

She said, “He wants to take me to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. He is from Israel and I have always wanted to go.

“Madonna was there, so many people were there. I also have many Jewish friends, and everyone always tells me how amazing it is. “

mma said they would fly out the day after Boxing Day.

She continued, “I haven’t seen the Rami family for almost 10 years. It will be really good. Now I’m getting older, I like being a bit of a tourist. I would like to see Bethlehem. I’m very excited, so this is my Christmas present. “

The couple planned to visit Tel Aviv in the summer, but the change in plan meant they missed out.

Gemma confirmed this week that she and Rami are officially engaged again.

GC moved to its new Essex site earlier this year.


GC moved to its new Essex site earlier this year.
She revealed that her mother also interacted with aliens in a strange way.


She revealed that her mother also interacted with aliens in a strange way.Credit: Alami
Gemma travels to the Middle East for New Years with fiancé Rami Hawash


Gemma travels to the Middle East for New Years with fiancé Rami HawashCredit: Instagram
Gemma Collins says that she visits Bethlehem with her fiancé Rami when she sees his family for the first time in 10 years.

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