George Floyd’s Speaks About His Brother’s Statue Being Defaced

Roommates, NYPD are not the only ones who want to talk to the person in question Statue of George Floyd Tomorrow one of George’s brothers in Union Square wants to talk to the person in question. Hoping to understand why the horrible things happened.

Terence Floyd says he wants to talk to the suspect so he can leave the hatred behind, heal and move on. According to TMZTerence said seeing the demolition of his brother’s statue tells him that there are still people out there who have hatred in their hearts, and that it has stopped society. Clearly, Terence wants the suspect to face the consequences of throwing gray paint on the statue, but he wants an opportunity to sit with the accused and finish things off.

Following the news of the desecration of George’s statue, Terrence advised TMZ that his VR Floyd nonprofit team had given some thought to the cause of the incident, which began after the statue was unveiled over the weekend. ۔ Conference Art features a statue of George with Bruna Taylor and John Lewis. The organization connects artists to the causes of social justice that create art displays.

For Terence, it appears that if he could present himself to Derek Shawn, the man responsible for George’s death, he could talk to the suspect. He spoke during a trial where Derek was found guilty and sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for his actions. At the time, he spoke to The Independent and said that while he felt uncomfortable sitting at a distance from Derek, he had no desire to harm the former police officer.

Room, we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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