George Takei shares touching tribute to Nichelle Nichols after her death

Twitter is a platform that favors short and concise messages, but George Takei didn’t use anything like that in his new post about Nichelle Nichols. long Twitter a tribute to his friend and co-star is a 15-tweet chain highlighting both Nichols’ social influence and her close personal friendship with Takei.

“I was truly moved by the tributes and messages dedicated to the life and work of Nichelle Nichols, our own Lieutenant and later Commander Uhura on Star Trek. Although our original series only lasted three seasons, we bonded as fans of our show. organized, convened, and ultimately pushed for the creation of films and spin-offs of the groundbreaking show. Nichelle and I spent the next decades together not only as colleagues from the Enterprise’s bridge, but as lifelong friends,” Takei began the message.

He then praised Nichols’ cultural significance before sharing a number of personal stories that showed the extent of the couple’s friendship. He told the story of their first meeting backstage at the musical Fly Blackbird, before they both got on Star Trek. He also shared how Nichols helped him on several occasions in his political endeavors and shared hilarious and moving stories about weddings and funerals.

“So while fans will miss and honor the famous actress who opened so many paths with her presence on screen, I will also miss the dear friend who always let you know that she was there to support you, love you and get you through. this strange and wonderful life next to you,” Takei wrote.

It’s clear that few people miss Nichols more than Takei, and his thoughtful homage gives fans a heartfelt look at their long journey as colleagues and close friends.

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