‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Actually Starred Two MCU Stars

Ghostbusters: Afterlife features Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) and Carrie Coon (Avengers: Infinity War) in the cast.IMDb), bringing the total number of Marvel Cinematic Universe stars in the film to two: Scott Lang, better known as the size-shifting hero Ant-Man (Radd), and Thanos’ minion Proxima Midnight, voiced in both Infinity War and Infinity War “. Avengers: Endgame Kun.

Of course, at the time of this writing, since it’s entirely possible and maybe even likely that one or two of the film’s young stars like Mckenna Grace or Finn Wolfhard could end up in some kind of Marvel project in the future, especially if the MCU continues. . expanding at the same rate as in recent times.

In fact, it has even been reported that Wolfhard has joined the MCU, albeit in an unspecified and unconfirmed capacity. Giant freaky robot In May 2022, there was an exclusive that Wolfhard signed on to the Marvel project, possibly as a variant of Loki in the upcoming second season of Loki. Wolfhard himself once joked ComicBook.com about wanting to play a supporting role like Computer Guy in some Marvel movie or TV show.

All of which suggests that while Ghostbusters: Afterlife currently boasts two MCU veterans, that number could become three someday.

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