Ghostbusters Were Inspired By These Real-Life Paranormal Investigators

You read that right – Ghostbusters is partly inspired by the true stories of paranormal investigators. In an even more surprising twist of fate, the stories that planted the seeds of the cult comedy in Dan Aykroyd’s head came largely from his own family lore. The legendary comedian admitted this in an interview with the Canadian radio program Q in 2010 while promoting the book. “The Story of Ghosts: The True Story of Seances, Mediums, Ghosts and Ghostbusters” along with his father Peter Aykroyd, who co-wrote it with Angela Nart. Meanwhile, Aykroyd wrote the preface.

And yes, the starting point for the book is the Aykroyd family’s own history of investigating the paranormal, using Samuel Aykroyd’s (Dan’s great-grandfather) session logs as one of the sources. Although the current generation of Aykroyds are not actively involved in such investigations, Dan Aykroyd makes it clear that he is still very much a believer and that belief in the supernatural was indeed part of his upbringing, stating: “The whole family was sort of immersed in such a newly accepted fact. that spirits do exist.”

According to Aykroyd, this belief helped inspire the early drafts of his paranormal blockbuster: “So, combined with an article in ASPR magazine about quantum physics and parapsychology, and my love of old ghost movies… the first draft of Ghostbusters.” And that makes “Ghostbusters” one of the least likely “based on true” hits of this or any other era.

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