Gigi Hadid was defended by fans when she was targeted by body shaming trolls.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid recently had her first catwalk. Since giving birth to her daughter, With whom he shares. Former director musician Zain Malik.

The new mom has shared several photos from Paris and Milan fashion weeks and looks like they’re exploding. But sadly, the flood of new images of Hadid on the runway and backstage has exposed him to the physically embarrassing comments of trolls targeting the child’s body.

Fans of the star believe the physically embarrassing comments originated from a section of social media called Eating Disorder Twitter, a site designed to post very thin celebrities as “thin inspiration”. Is dedicated

An account recently published a new photo of Hadid with the caption, “She has big assholes !!!” But fans of the famous model jumped in her defense, one replied, “But who’s doing the runway show and who’s thinking about the calories sitting at home?” , While another tweeted, “People are on [Eating Disorder Twitter] Have become the biggest losers on this app, a bunch of lunatics. ”

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And many Twitter users were confused by the comments and announced that Hadid’s arms looked the same in the picture as they always did. One wrote, “Is he literally extremely thin?” And another tweeted, “Has Chile ever met any real plus size people because the weapons aren’t that big …”

Hadid recently celebrated his daughter Khai’s first birthday, with a lovely and seemingly extravagant celebration. It was documented by some family members. On social media. The star was bound to draw some attention from trolls on her return to the fashion industry when she took an extended leave to focus on caring for her daughter after her birth last year.

However, fans Bella Hadid’s sister. Particularly annoyed by the physically embarrassing comments because they clearly draw attention to the nature behind his current physical appearance. One fan wrote.“It’s never okay to embarrass a mother’s body, her body goes through many stages to a human being for 9 months. Gigi Hadid is a model but that doesn’t mean she has to go back to size 0 to please you. will have.”

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At least the star herself doesn’t seem to need a new addition to the physically embarrassing comments. She recently went to Instagram to post. A series of background shots In her latest Varasa show, which also includes a sweet clip showing Dua Lipa embracing her, who is currently meeting Hadid’s brother Anwar.

Hadid also thanked for being “part of fashion history” in the caption of the post.

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