Gigi Hadid’s Father Mohamed Hadid Says He ‘Loves’ Leonardo DiCaprio

We put a finger up! Mohamed Hadid shared his opinion about Leonardo DiCaprio – a few days after the actor was apparently spotted at a party with his daughter. Gigi Hadid.

“I met Mr. DiCaprio in Saint-Tropez four or five years ago and he is a very nice person,” Mohamed, 73, said. daily mail in an interview published Thursday, September 15th. “I liked him”.

Although Mohamed claimed he and the 27-year-old supermodel “didn’t talk” about Titanic Zvezda, 47, the developer said the two are old buddies.

“They are friends. They have known each other for a long time,” he shared. “I don’t think they are dating. I think they are just good friends. But I really don’t know. I don’t comment on my daughter’s personal relationship. whom she meets.

Mohamed’s remarks come just days after a source told Us weekly what departed On Saturday, September 10, the star and guest in residence hosted an after-party for New York Fashion Week. A second observer noted that the duo sat at the same table during the event, which was also attended by Venus Williams as well as Ben Simmons.

Earlier this month, a second insider exclusively revealed Us that DiCaprio had his eye on the California native after his split from Camila Morrone. “Leo targeted Gigi but she showed no interest,” the source said. “They are friends, but she doesn’t want romance with [him] right now.”

Rumors of a potential new romance began circulating in August after Us confirmed that Don’t look up The star announced her split from Morrone, 26, after four years of dating.

“[Leo] attended events and went on vacation without [Camila]from Care Gala to Unicef ​​Gala to Saint Tropez,” the insider said. Us at that time. “He started spending more time with all his buddies like Toby McGuire as well as Jamie Fox“.

death wish The actress, for her part, has been busy “shooting all summer.” According to the source, the former spouses “were very close” – with What’s Eating Gilbert Grape the actor even formed a close bond with Morrone’s mom, but eventually decided to break up.

Gigi, meanwhile, hasn’t dated anyone publicly since breaking up with Zane Malik. The California native and former One Direction member, 29, dated on and off for five years before announcing their departure in October 2021.

“Zane and Gigi silently broke up,” the insider said. Us at the time, noting that they “had problems for a while” and the relationship didn’t “work” anymore.

However, despite the breakup, the exes remained amicable parents to their 23-month-old daughter Khai. “They don’t live together, but Zayn often visits Gigi and Khai at the farm in Pennsylvania when they’re there,” a source shared with Us in June. “They love to spend time away from the city because it’s safer, quieter and more exclusive.”

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