Gilmore Girls fans seem to agree on how they feel about Kirk

on reddit, / imkirbyy shares the opinion that Kirk is the most underrated character in Gilmore Girls. They continued, “He doesn’t care what others think, he’s tried every job and he’s a phenomenal art lover.” The creator of the thread also praised Kirk for his dedication to his girlfriend, Lulu Kushner.

Many fans couldn’t help but agree. Several users have shared that they prefer Kirk over other characters. U/Nutcracker_78 said, “I love Kirk. There’s a reason he’s one of the main characters in the intro because he gives the show more than most other top tier characters.” U/Alternative-Goal6200 revealed that, in addition to Luke, Kirk was the reason they kept tuning in to Gilmore Girls.

U/Belles Noir pleaded not to agree that Kirk was being underestimated. According to them, Kirk is loved by the masses more than people think: “He is universally adored and appreciated. He is underestimated because a man of such fame, class and poise does not need to draw attention to himself. Attention will come instinctively. .” U/ghost garden added: “He brought us Kirk the Cat, how could we not love him?”

In general, Gilmore Girls audiences feel strongly about Kirk for many reasons. Not only does he provide comic relief, but he also shows some pretty impressive character growth. In early episodes, Kirk lives with his mother and struggles to communicate with others. By the end of the series, he has moved on, is in a committed relationship with Lulu, and can call Lorelai and Luke true friends.

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