Girl’s parents shame boyfriend for not being a “real man” and play along to teach her a lesson

Nobody is perfect. Life is too hard to be good at everything. Hell, even one skill is hard to master. But some people just don’t get it.

A few days ago a man filed a heart story to ‘I [Jerk]?subreddit asking its members to share their thoughts on the conflict between him and his girlfriend.

The root of the dispute goes back to the time the post author invited a friend to help him change a door hinge because he doesn’t have the experience to do it himself.

Fast forward a few weeks and the guy’s partner will shame him for not being a man enough in front of her parents.

This guy needed a friend to change his door hinge.

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And his girlfriend not only thought that this made him less of a man, but also ridiculed him for it in front of his parents.

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It’s easy to see why the original poster (OP) felt bad about all this. Mutual support is essential for a healthy relationship.

“I think it’s perfectly normal to seek and expect [emotional support] from your partner, and I think that most people do, whether they think they should or allow themselves to do it,” Dr. Wendy Zhao, clinical psychologist at the DuPont Clinic in Toronto. said CBC.

But as this story shows, waiting for support doesn’t necessarily mean getting it.

But we shouldn’t judge the OP for getting into a serious relationship with a person who might be on a different page than him in this thread. This is not something that becomes crystal clear right after you meet someone, as you need to consider the complexity of a person’s emotional development, which depends on aspects such as cultural influence and unspoken rules learned in families. Because of this, how each person behaves in a relationship can vary greatly.

Not all people in a romantic relationship want the same from their loved ones. They may have common interests and may enjoy activities together without turning to each other for comfort or solace, which is a relatively common occurrence. Just think of the best friend-companion model of marriage.

For example, people may seek support from friends and family rather than their partner. And there is nothing wrong with that.

However, conflict often occurs when there is a mismatch: one partner needs a lot of emotional support and the other partner is unable to provide it.

Zhao suggested that couples communicate mutual expectations at the beginning of a relationship so they don’t feel disappointed years later when their needs aren’t being met. And she said a couple’s therapist can help learn how to respectfully communicate their needs. “Then our partner won’t feel guilty, refuse our request, or see their request as threatening for their own personal reasons,” she said.

Also keep in mind that the level of emotional support can fluctuate depending on life circumstances: a partner who is having a bad day today may not be able to support you at that moment. Couples can also take each other for granted, which can reduce support, especially if they’ve been in a relationship for a long time. But that doesn’t mean they can’t return from there, Zhao said.

Of course, openly making fun of your partner is another thing…

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