GLAAD Hires Julian J. Walker To Help Elevate Black Queer Storytelling –

GLAAD has hired Julian J. Walker as Associate Director of Communities of Color and Media.

Walker will work with DaShawn Usher, Director of Communities of Color and Media, to create programming that shapes narratives and sparks dialogue that leads to cultural change by identifying and addressing community needs. One of her first major projects will be the upcoming launch of GLAAD’s “Equity in Media and Entertainment Initiative” – a year-long program designed specifically for black LGBTQ+ creatives to promote black representation in entertainment and media. Fam storytelling can be elevated.

EMEI will serve as a pipeline to build and strengthen professional networks, advance access to executive leaders and spaces, and support the early development of creative projects as part of the three-year program. Walker will ensure that GLAAD’s Communities of Color and Media Department creates, reports, trains and partners with locally-based initiatives across the country focused on the South.

“Early in my career I realized the importance of community support — valuing the voices of people who are often forgotten or seem untapped,” Walker said. “If it wasn’t for the love, encouragement and support I received around the world, I wouldn’t have the hope, faith and belief that I deserve to be here today. In addition to my beautiful journey in television and film, community leaders Working together has offered a level of peace I can’t explain. I look forward to the spaces we’ll continue to create, the voices we’ll continue to amplify, and the community on the horizon. Opportunities for growth. Always remember: Your uniqueness is your superpower; so continue to trust and believe in yourself are deserved.”

Walker starred in the 2014 film. Blackbird From Patrick Ian Pollock, with Oscar-winning actress Mo Nek. He is also the Deputy Director of Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative, a series of outreach programs for people of color.

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