GMA’s Ginger Z is hitting fans who are all saying the same thing about her appearance on the show.

GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee wowed fans with a stunning appearance on the afternoon show.

Fans agreed on Twitter that the beloved weather anchor looked stunning in a hot pink skirt that she said was actually rented.


All the fans are saying the same thing about Ginger Z’s outfit on Good Morning America.Credit: Twitter/@Ginger_Zee
This comes as GMA viewers are stunned after Zee was nearly attacked by birds on live television.


This comes as GMA viewers are stunned after Zee was nearly attacked by birds on live television.1 credit

Ginger Z only recently returned to the program after missing a few days due to Covid-19.

Zee responded on a social media app after a fan commented, “Ginger Z looks so pretty this morning, this outfit is so cute.”

Then she said “Thanks a lot!” and attached a photo of her stylish fit.

“Skirt rental #nonewclothes,” Zee said as she folded a cute top and bright skirt with matching pink nails.

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Fans in the comments discussed the fabulous appearance of their favorite meteorologist.

“Scientists have to look so cute?” someone said with a smiley face.

“Your fashion is so relevant, every morning in the studio,” commented another.

Another person said, “You may have rented a skirt, but you have this look!”

It comes after GMA viewers were stunned after meteorologist Ginger Zee was nearly attacked by a bird on live television.

Coming to the audience live from Washington, D.C., Ginger stood outside to report the weather.

When she was about to start, she was frightened by a bird that flew right at her.

Before Ginger could say a few words, he swooped down quickly, and the camera caught his impact right in front of the meteorologist.

Someone behind the camera was shocked by the moment and could be heard saying “Ah!”

A true professional, Ginger didn’t let it confuse her too much.

Her head turned towards the bird and she followed it with her eyes, but at the same time, she still managed to speak the words of the weather forecast.

Ginger recently returned to Good Morning America after being away for several days due to Covid-19.

A few weeks ago, she shared a photo of positive tests on Instagram, explaining that she and her children had contracted the virus.

“COVID in a cubed house,” Zee wrote in the caption.

The 41-year-old, who shares sons Adrian, six, and Miles, four, with her husband Ben Aaron, added: “Everyone is tired and stuffy, but okay – I’ll be out for a little bit so everyone is safe.

“I hope you are all healthy and safe.”

Her colleagues took advantage of the comments to express their wishes to the meteorologist.

“Oh no!! Get well!! And good luck!” commented her co-star Dylan Dreyer.

“Get better!” said fellow meteorologist Brittany Bell.

On Monday, Ginger spoke to concerned Good Morning America fans about her health as she continued to be absent from the show.

“So far my symptoms are much better than the first round of COVID in March 2020!” she shared on Twitter.

“Only leg pain, stuffy nose and tiredness this time.”

On Instagram, she gave a slightly more detailed update, as well as a shot of her husband wearing a mask and goggles, holding cleaning supplies.

“Thank you for all the kind words,” Ginger told her followers.

The TV presenter continued: “The symptoms of COVID were mild (just tired and sore legs), the kids are still stuffy, but overall we are so grateful to have recovered.

“And this is nothing compared to the original, in March 2020 we had pre-immunizations, etc.

“As if COVID at home wasn’t hard enough, our sewer pump broke and the backup we installed also failed, so we had a good cleaning weekend.”

At the end, she joked: “My prediction: when it rains, it pours.”

When she returned for the May 25 morning show, the meteorologist fought back tears, admitting she “woke up in tears” after the horrific Texas school shooting the day before.

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