Gogglebox star Angie Kent on feud with Dee Kershaw

Former Gogglebox star Angie Kent has opened up about her infamous run-in with former co-star Dee Kershaw, who once delivered a crushing verdict on Kent’s various reality TV appearances.

And there seems to be no hard feelings after Kershaw passed away last week, with Kent calling the late Gogglebox star a “queen” despite being “in the background” of her snarky wit.

The unexpected feud began back in 2020 after Kent and his friend Evie Jones left. Australia use the possibilities of other media.

For Kent, this meant being busy with a number of other reality shows: i’m a celebrity, hen-party and then Dancing with the Stars.

It also meant she was the staple fodder for her fellow Goggleboxers – one of whom was unimpressed.

“[She was on] glassesthen she went to the jungle, then she became a bachelorette, and now she is a dancing star,” Dee said sarcastically when she and the others glasses households sat down to watch Kent on DVTS.

“Spare me… She’s definitely not a dancer.

She also slammed high scores DVTS the judges gave Kent for her performance, stating that she should have given a “C”. This came after Kershaw was less than impressed with Angie’s earlier forays into reality television.

After Dee’s scathing comments hit the headlines, Angie hit back by writing on social media, “I had nothing but love and support for my glasses fam. So seeing it not just once, but three times in every adventure I’ve been on was pretty disappointing.”

In another post, Angie wrote: “I usually keep quiet when it comes to the negativity associated with what I do with my life, but this is the third time and with all the online bullying and bullying in general, I think sometimes I don’t It’s always better to be silent. and take care of yourself.”

But it seems that time has healed this wound, and speaking of Nova two girls one capsule This week, Kent kept up the style by paying homage to her outspoken former co-star while acknowledging their very public confrontation.

“Obviously we were part of glasses family for four years. So we just want to give all our love to her family, Mika, her kids, everyone. It’s very sad,” she said.

“She was an icon. There isn’t much room on TV for older women. And she had such a big presence. It was like she was just saying whatever came into her head, and sometimes it was a little hard to hear.

“I mean, I was in the background, but I loved her for it because she didn’t care. And I love it when women don’t care. And they can say what they want. So go away, queen.

Kent glasses partner Jones agreed, calling Dee “inexcusable” and “a much loved icon”.

Angie and Evie’s tribute comes as Dee’s 53-year-old husband reveals sad details about her final days.

Mick, who will not be returning to the program when it starts next month, said his wife kept her diagnosis of throat cancer largely under wraps as she was treated at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst for nine weeks before being transferred to nearby St Vincent’s Hospice. Hearts. where she died two weeks later.

Former model Dee was also a well-known Indigenous art dealer, receiving the Order of Australia in 2020 for her many years of service to the visual arts.

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