Golden Girls fans think this is one of the best moments of the final season

The latest season of The Golden Girls is full of goodbyes, with one episode called “Room 7” dedicated to a particularly painful goodbye to Blanche. She is beside herself when she learns that her grandmother’s house will be demolished to make way for a motel. Eager to give their friend some completion, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia set out with her. Blanche and her grandmother were very close, so she is understandably excited when she walks into her childhood bedroom. In fact, she is so upset that she decides to handcuff herself to a bedpost.

As Dorothy tries to convince Blanche to come to her senses, she can’t help but be distracted when she sees Sophia on the roof. Some fans will remember this scene because of Bea Arthur’s perfect line delivery. “Mom, what the hell are you doing on the roof” is one of my favorite lines on the show. This moment always makes me die of laughter, ”wrote Reddit. u/ToonSciron.

Sophia took a fearless stance after near-death experience. Off-screen, Sofia jumps and the audience sees a comically fake mannequin flying through the air. For fans, the fact that it’s clearly not Estelle Getty’s fall makes this moment even funnier. “Sophia’s jump always makes me laugh out loud. I love such television fragments when it is clearly a dummy, ”said u/Golden Grlz. It’s scenes like this that make the final season so special.

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