Gordon Ramsay’s kids are building a “Beckham-style empire” thanks to A-list fans, Strictly and a toddler with 325k followers on Insta

Thanks to their famous surname, Ramsay’s five children keep the world at their feet.

And now one branding expert believes that the children of TV chef Gordon Ramsay could have made “millions” as the Beckham dynasty.


Holly Ramsay in a bikini was praised by her famous friends
Michelin-starred chef Gordon and wife Tana with five children


Michelin-starred chef Gordon and wife Tana with five childrenCredit: megan_ramsay / Instagram

Holly posted a stunning bikini photo of herself this week from a family vacation in the Maldives and earned praise from Alistair Khloe Kardashian and Liz Hurley’s son Damian.

And of course, Tilly recently wowed us all with her graceful moves on Strictly.

But they’re not the only Ramsay making a stellar career.

Popular culture expert Nick Ede says: “The Ramsay family is definitely heading in the same direction as the Beckhams and the Kardashians.

“They are in the perfect position to pursue fame and fortune.

“The name Ramzi is world famous and is synonymous with personality, class and excellence. Like David Beckham, Gordon is at the pinnacle of his craft – he’s Beckham in cooking.

“This is a plan that has all the hallmarks of a dynasty of epic proportions.”

And like the Beckhams, Gordon and wife Tana, who is also a successful chef, can help their children escape the pitfalls of fame and celebrity.

Nick says: “Siblings could grow into millions in the next few years, and if they keep their last name and follow in their parents’ footsteps, then in 2022 they will be worth watching.”

Here we take a look at Brand Ramsay preparing the storm.

Popular podcast campaign model

Holly, portrayed in the 2017 GQ Men of the Year competition, often turns out to be a plus for Gordon.


Holly, portrayed in the 2017 GQ Men of the Year competition, often turns out to be a plus for Gordon.Credit: Getty

For most of us, Khloe Kardashian’s comment on Holly Ramsay’s Instagram was, to put it mildly, a bit unexpected.

Showing off her slender figure in a leopard-print bikini set amid tropical greenery in the Maldives, 22-year-old Holly looked really sensational.

So much so that 37-year-old Chloe wrote, “Amazing,” adding a four-heart emoji.

Liz Hurley’s son, Damian, added just “Yooo” followed by hot-faced emojis.

But with daddy Gordon popularity in the USAThanks to his longtime show Hell’s Kitchen USA and his eight restaurants there, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Holly is on the radar of some of the nation’s biggest stars.

Holly, a fashion design student and model, divides her time between the US and the UK.

Like her siblings, she was often portrayed on the red carpet en route to glittering show business events with her parents.

She was a plus in the host of Hell’s Kitchen at Elton John’s exclusive restaurant. Oscar Party in 2017 and is a close friend of Brooklyn Beckham.

However, Holly’s life was not all about silver spoons and sumptuous parties.

In May, she revealed that she spent three months in a mental hospital after being sexually assaulted twice when she was 18. She was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Living without alcohol helped me feel better and better physically and mentally.

Holly Ramsay

She decided to quit drinking after she reached her “lowest point” and recently celebrated a year of sobriety.

In an honest post, she wrote, “Living without alcohol has helped me feel better and more mentally and physically.”

In response, Gordon replied, “What an incredible young lady. Words cannot explain how proud I am of you. “

Holly presents the 21 Years & Older podcast on mental health, in which she discusses her own journey with guests.

Nick, founder of PR agency East of Eden, said: “Holly has the opportunity to truly become a strong role model for young people with mental health and alcohol problems.

“I see her leading hundreds of thousands of people as a brand ambassador and also really positively promoting mental health advocacy.”

From Children’s Cooking Show to Strictly Star

Tilly became a real hit on the show


Tilly became a hit on Dancing with the Stars 2021
Tilly began her television career when she was just 12 years old, on the CBBC series Matilda & Ramsay Bunch.


Tilly began her television career when she was just 12 years old, on the CBBC series Matilda & Ramsay Bunch.

Of all the members of the Ramsay family, it is Tilly who seems to follow in the footsteps of her parents in show business.

Until last fall, she was known only to young audiences through the CBBC cooking show Matilda & Ramsay Bunch.

It ran from 2015 to 2019, earning nominations for BAFTA children’s awards along the way.

Now, of course, 19-year-old Tilly has become a household name thanks to her dazzling Strictly appearance last year.

Her Insta followers have reached a whopping 1.2 million followers.

She has also been active on TikTok for a long time and often pleases fans with funny scenes with Dad Gordon.

Tilly may not have taken the glitter trophy with her professional partner Nikita Kuzmin, but she has worked her way into our hearts.

When radio host Steve Allen called her “plump babe,” she fought back with dignity and determination.

She said, “Steve, please feel free to voice your opinion, but I’m drawing the line by commenting on my appearance.

“It’s a shame that someone is trying to make such a positive experience negative.”

Anyone who thought she was where she was due to nepotism could see that Tilly has a real family appeal and a great TV character.

Nick Ede

Tilly balanced Strictly with entering the university, followed in Megan’s footsteps, studying psychology.

But, according to Nick, now is the time to make money from this, having such a high status.

Nick says: “Tilly has the potential to become a really big earner at this time because of her involvement with Strictly and her cooking show.

“She has established herself as a wonderful dancer.

“Anyone who thought she was exactly where she was due to nepotism could see that Tilly has a real family appeal and a great TV character.

“I see her forging big partnerships with food companies and supermarkets, and dancing, whether on a Strictly tour or performing in a theater environment.”

Graduate with a huge number of social media followers

The eldest daughter Megan was the first of the pack to receive an advanced degree.


The eldest daughter Megan was the first of the pack to receive an advanced degree.

Meghan comfortably accompanies her family to red carpet events and has 224,000 Instagram followers filled with photos of her tumultuous life.

There are shots of her pool and beach in all sorts of glamorous locations, as well as cute, cuddly family photos, and one of her bathrobe and chalkboard photos from her graduation from Oxford Brooks University in 2019.

According to student newspaper The Tab, Meghan studied psychology.

Last year, she starred in Hell’s Kitchen in the USA, celebrating her 21st birthday at one of the unfortunate restaurants her serious father scrutinizes.

Megan seems to have less interest in front of the camera than Holly and Tilly, and she works as an account manager at PR agency Freuds.

But Nick said it could be bought up by a fashion brand.

He says: “Megan is a very beautiful and funny girl who has very active social media followers.

“I see a fashion brand picking her up and using her as a brand ambassador because of her strong engagement as well as famous followers.”

Military with famous friends

Exercise fanatic Jack went to the Royal Marines


Exercise fanatic Jack went to the Royal MarinesCredit: Instagram
Ramzi's doubles


Ramzi’s doubles

With thick blond hair and a firm chin, 22-year-old Jack is practically Gordon’s double.

But Jack took a completely different path with his father and his twin Holly, enrolling in the Royal Marine.

Gordon announced the surprise news in October 2020 by posting photos from Jack’s death ceremony.

The host of the game show Bank Balance wrote: “I cannot convey how proud I am of this young man.”

Jack was congratulated by the Beckham clan, which has long been friends with Ramsay.

He is best friend with his oldest son Brooklyn, and the pair have been spotted together at a gym in Los Angeles.

Jack’s instagram doesn’t seem to be there, which is unusual for a high-ranking clan. But while his focus is on the army, Nick believes he may still be looking for show business opportunities in the future.

Nick says, “Jack is very fond of eating, but he also loves exercise.

“I would love to have him star in an SAS show as a coach if he decides to leave the Marines in the future.”

Influenced kid

Little Oscar Ramsay has a lot of followers on social networks


Little Oscar Ramsay has a lot of followers on social networksCredit: oscarjramsay / Instagram.

He may be only two years old, but the youngest Ramsay turns out to be a big hit.

Now that their other children are fully grown, Gordon and Tana are delighted to have a baby again – although the 55-year-old celebrity chef is outraged that people often mistake him for grandfather.

He said Men’s Health Magazine: “If they call me” grandpa “again, I will blow up the roof.”

Before Oscar arrived, Gordon and Tana had a terrible miscarriage when they lost their baby boy in their fifth month of pregnancy.

Little Oscar already has his own Instagram, run by his older sisters, and has amassed a whopping 325,000 followers.

Whether he grimaces during his first haircut or is smeared with food on his high chair, Oscar becomes a true mini-influencer.

With his gorgeous blonde curls and charming style, kids’ clothing companies would love to have a little Ramsay on board?

Nick says, “With so many followers and a real understanding of family life, Ramsay Gordon and Tana could now monetize the Oscars through collaborations with children’s clothing brands and more.”

The family recently shared a video of the adorable toddler fumbling in his spice drawer and stacking cans in the tower.

With Gordon and Tana as parents, he definitely values ​​food. Who knows, he might even follow in their footsteps.

Ramsay pictured in 2006


Ramsay pictured in 2006Credit: Rex Features.
Family fun at Disneyland, California, 2008.


Family fun at Disneyland, California, 2008.
Tilly Ramsay fans are speechless when the Strictly star shares a photo that will “ haunt her forever. ”

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