Gracie McGraw charmingly honored her parents Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

They say there is nothing better than parental love. They are the rock and light of the family, serving as a limitless source of strength, support, and guidance every day in the home. Parenthood is no easy feat.

That is why, when an opportunity arises to express our love and appreciation for them, it would always be great to take advantage of it. And Gracie McGraw took this chance to prove how she honors her parents in the most delightful way!

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, an influential country music couple, have been married since 1996, and since becoming parents to their eldest daughter, Gracie, they have shown themselves to be incredible parents.

So, to honor their memory, Gracie showed her love for Mom and Dad in the most enduring way. Here are the details of her sweet and thoughtful thanks to them!

How does Gracie McGraw show her love for her?

Gracie demonstrates her love for her parents, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, in the most enduring way. The 23-year-old shared her new tattoo on Instagram, including a cowboy boot with symbols representing some of her favorite and treasured people and places.

She turned to social media to show new ink it honors her parents and her country roots. A common tattoo located on her forearm is a cowboy boot which represents her parents playing country music.

Upon closer inspection, it also has other symbols associated with her family. These symbols include the iris, which stands for Tennessee, as well as the magnolia, which represents her mother’s home state of Mississippi and her father’s roots in Louisiana.

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The young star captioned the tattoo photo: “T&F for T&F. Iris for Tennessee. Magnolia for Louisiana and Mississippi. Boot because YEEHAW.

The caption describes a detail inside a cowboy boot, showing the love she has for her parents, Tim and Faith. However, this is not Gracie’s first tattoo. She has other line work, including a feminine sign on her right shoulder.

Born May 5, 1997 and raised in Nashville, Gracie appears to have the most interest in music among the McGraw daughters.

Like her country music-inclined parents, she follows in their footsteps when it comes to a career in the entertainment industry. not only in singing, but also in acting.

There is no doubt about it, because she is one of the daughters of Tim and Faith. Her father proved that Gracie can sing and that her voice is amazing. In the adorable father and daughter video from the trip, the duo can be seen performing the Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb classic “What Kind of Fool”.

Tim let Gracie take the lead for most of the song, giving his daughter a chance to showcase her incredible and amazing vocal skills. He proudly captioned the clip: “PIPES!!!!…..Damn, this girl can sing! Gracie and I are having fun with Babs and Barry on our trip. #chase the girl of your dreams”

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In the comments on the post, country music star Faith Hill expressed admiration for their spontaneous performance and expressed her support for her husband and daughter. “My love. [Barbara Streisand] would be proud.” In 2015, Tim and Gracie sang a country music track together called “Here Tonight”.

Tim recalled, “I was working on this song, and when I did the vocals for it, I was like, ‘Dude, I bet Gracie’s vocals are going to sound really cool.’ I just knew how she sings because she is my daughter and I know how she sings. She has such energy.”

They performed the song together during the Tim show in Nashville in August 2015.

In addition, Gracie used to play in a rock band. She founded the rock band Tingo while in college. She was the lead singer and also played the rhythm guitar.

In their free time away from school, the band performed at various venues and recorded. “Underlying Sexual Desire”, “Fireman” and “Tinted Red” are among their best-known songs, although the band is no longer active.

However, it looks like Gracie is pursuing her dream of becoming an actress in Los Angeles.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote: “It’s a little wild that Nashville has been my whole life, but I’ve never felt at home here. Tomorrow I start my journey to the big LA baby!!!” Although it is difficult for her to leave her life in Tennessee, she is excited about new adventures.

“This is the beginning of a journey where I can really take care of myself and do things for MYSELF!! I’ve never been that kind of person and to be honest, it’s very scary, but I’m so proud of myself,” she shared along with her photo.

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