Grant Gustin gives The Flash fans an emotional punch in the gut with a bittersweet post

Grant Gustin’s social media has always been a support group for The Flash and his fellow cast members, so it’s no wonder he’s trying to convey the strong feelings he’s feeling about the latest season. On September 13, 2022, he went to his Instagram to share some photos and a heartfelt message to fans, writing, “Tomorrow we start filming the final season of The Flash. and the growth it has given me in so many ways would be a gross understatement. Thank you to everyone who helped give me this opportunity and to all the fans of the show who showed me and everyone who was part of the Flash’s love along the way. . Here’s a small selection of photos from my first year on the show.”

Photos from the first season of The Flash followed, and fans provided emotional captions that Gustin didn’t have. There were also words of gratitude, for example xmaxl_, who wrote “thank you grant for giving us this wonderful series, thank you for the moments of happiness that you gave me, the flash will live in my heart forever.” There were also bittersweet messages in which Jokailyn wrote, “I don’t want this to end, but I know it’s the right thing to do.” It’s always hard when something ends, even if we know it’s the right time. This is the final season of The Flash.

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