GTA Online: Criminal Enterprises

The four criminal careers – executives, bikers, gun dealers and nightclub owners – are getting a range of new jobs. Players who have an admin office will notice that a new NPC is now available to help you get some extra special cargo. As part of this new side mission, you will be able to receive an additional order for a special cargo, and two new original missions will be added to the rotation. In other words, there are more options than ever to find the contraband your customers are looking for.

Custom Bike Shop owners will now be able to customize and customize customers’ bikes before delivering them for additional RP and cash. There are also two new Clubhouse contracts and a new bar restocking mission to keep the revenue stream going.

Arms dealers can now do daily deliveries to the Ammu-Nation shop for extra money. There are two new resupply missions to keep your bunker stocked with provisions and ammo. Finally, nightclub owners can now contact a friendly neighborhood hacker. Johan to receive goods for the warehouse of the nightclub. On top of that, there are two new club management missions in which you have to get rid of unwanted visitors.

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