Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s Karen Gillan teases the trilogy’s emotional conclusion

Gillian, who plays Nebula in the films (and who is also quite famous for appearing on a little BBC show called Doctor Who), recently made some important allusions to Hollywood Reporter on what fans can expect ten months from now. “Of course it was emotional to do that… there are scenes where emotions are heavier than ever in the Guardian world. It was difficult to go through some of them.” She also clarified that being on set alone made the third film more epic than the other two. Not only do the characters in this story deal with a lot of complex and complicated emotions, but the cast and crew had to process them too. Everyone on set knew they were “dealing with the fact that this is sort of the end of an era”, which made their work all the more bittersweet.

But Jillian isn’t the only member THR spoke to recently. Pom Klementieff (who plays Mantis) admired how cute Baby Rocket looked in the SDCC trailer, and also took a moment to remember what it was like to film the final scene. She admitted that it was “shot at the end of filming and it was very hard not to cry.” Considering how emotionally powerful some of her scenes in the first two films were – especially her raw, tender moments with Drax (Dave Bautista) – it might make sense for theaters to hand out free packets of tissues near the screening entrance. numbers. That, or moviegoers can sneak into their own boxes of tissues in their extra-large purse with their canned sodas and dollar store boxed candies.

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