Guy goes on vacation and gets emails from co-workers who need an answer immediately and says he’s done with corporate culture

It’s no secret that jobs can be incredibly grueling: toxic environments, co-workers who won’t miss an opportunity to throw you in front of a bus, frequent burnout, greedy management, and so on.

While it may seem that we are slowly moving towards improving these cultures and continue to believe that someday soon employers will be able to provide a healthier environment for their employees, we still have a long way to go.

Of course, not all organizations are guilty of poor conditions; however, most struggle with a few things. This person, for example, took to TikTok to share his thoughts on the emails people send despite knowing the recipient is out of the office, perhaps busy sipping a margarita.

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The email culture in the workplace can be quite suffocating, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your free time.

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“No, you must use as many PTOs as possible!” This is what I get for taking care of my mental health in corporate America. I really and truly hate everyone,” the man took to social media to share his frustration with corporate life and how they treat employees on vacation. The TikTok video has over 424k views, 72.4k likes and 2083 comments discussing some people’s insolence.

Guy rants about how people email employees when they’re not at work and gets 424k views

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TikToker started his video by saying that there is nothing better than going on vacation to the United States. He said that before he left, he created an out-of-office message telling his colleagues and clients the date of his return, as well as warning them that they did not have access to his email or his laptop.

He then proceeded to talk about how he received “17 controversial emails”. [and] hundreds of others” that said something along the lines of “Hey, we emailed you but didn’t get a response.” The man said that there should be no expectation that he would answer on vacation even if the emails reached his phone.

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An alarming number of employees don’t seem to understand what “out of office” means; Surely when a person takes a vacation, you won’t bombard them with random work-related requests, fully aware that you probably won’t get a response? In fact, why are you emailing them at all?

Moreover, the author of the video gave a couple of examples that have a rather negative connotation. For example, “Mr. Macintosh, we’ll need to amplify the request if we don’t get a response from you within 24 hours” – unless the person responsible likes to argue with himself, there’s simply no explanation why this email should have even existed.

You can watch the video here:

@tanneremc “No, you must use as many PTOs as possible!” 🙃 Here’s what I get for taking care of my mental health in corporate America. I really and sincerely hate everyone. #corporate life #PTO #mental health matters #Ready for hell #out of the office #Leave me alone #fip #tiktokswithtanner ♬ original sound – tanneremk

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