Guy shares how his CEO always leaves the office at 5pm because “people don’t feel rested until the boss is gone”.

Go home, rest, there will be work till morning. Don’t all you pandas wish your superiors would tell you something like this? The mark of a good boss is that he knows how to lead and manage his employees with opportunities for support and development. And helping to establish a healthy work/life balance is key to motivation and job performance.

But, really, how many people have you worked to actively practice what they preach? How many managers do you know who try to make their colleagues’ lives easier instead of harder? One way employers can contribute to a positive work culture is to help their employees draw clear boundaries where work ends.


Content creator and work expert Alec, aka @pm_alectouched upon this issue. In a viral TikTok video. In it, he described how he used to work for a CEO. always Leave the office at 5 pm. He later asked his boss why he did it and got the best answer we’ve heard in a long time. Watch Alec’s full video below.

TikToker Alec shared a story about a great CEO he had the pleasure of working with

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According to him, the boss always left the office at exactly five o’clock. The reason for this is seriously encouraging.


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Image credit: pm_alec

Watch the full TikTok of Workplace Expert here

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At the time of writing, Alec has 10.2k followers on TikTok and has collected a total of 576.5k likes across all his videos. On his own account, he tackles a very wide range of work-related topics and offers useful tips and tricks for, well, anyone who is employed.

The video about the CEO leaving at 5pm highlights a very simple but essential fact: your boss sets the tone and pace for your work. Like it or not, a lot of your company’s culture depends on how people in influential positions behave. How do they work? How do they speak? How supportive or strict or a combination of both they are. All of them reveal what their true values ​​and priorities are.

To simplify things a bit, you can tell if your boss puts his profits first or not by looking at the behavior of his employees. Of course businesses are built to make money. However, it also matters How Achieve whatever financial goal you set and the kind of team spirit everyone feels.

Pretty much no one will feel comfortable leaving their desk before their boss leaves. Especially if everyone works in an open-plan office and everyone can see everyone else. However, as TikToker Alec mentioned, its former CEO will (officially) exit promptly at the end of the workday so that everyone else doesn’t feel pressured to stay just for the show. The boss will then continue working as needed, but from outside the office.

Perception is very important in the employment industry. Your future career depends on your reputation and people skills, not just your skills and education. Naturally, you want to leave a good impression. Unfortunately, this can mean working a lot of overtime to compete with your co-workers… or pretending to look busy. This comes at the cost of time that can be spent in the company of your loved ones, taking care of your health, traveling, pursuing your hobbies, etc. When your superiors signal that, hey, living is just fine. Other than your work, it’s a breath of fresh air.

As we have covered. Previously, the 9-to-5 work model (aka, clear and reliable opening hours) was essential for some businesses such as restaurants, hospitals and others. However, when it comes to jobs in the technical and creative industries, some would argue that this model is completely outdated and wastes too much time.

The same logic applies to remote work. For some positions that require a lot of eye-to-eye contact, coming into the office is inevitable. Other jobs, however, allow professionals to be more flexible: what matters is the result, not how many hours you put in (as long as all deadlines are met).

Some managers believe that their co-workers are not as productive when they are not physically present in the office. Training employees and helping them grow professionally can also be a hassle when it’s all done remotely. It’s important to know whether your boss’s reluctance to allow hybrid or fully remote work is for legitimate and logical reasons or because they’re stubborn, don’t want to change, and have the same amount of control over others. Want to maintain as much as they can.

The upsides of hybrid and remote work, as we’ve covered before, include better focus, less travel time, and less focus on office politics, drama, and gossip.

Many netizens praised the CEO for such a healthy attitude towards work.

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Some TikTokers shared similar stories about their supportive owners.

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