Gwyneth Paltrow Poses in Bikini as She Shares How She’s Embracing ‘Wrinkles’ Ahead of 50th Birthday

Gwyneth Paltrow has made a lot of headlines lately. The list of things the actress has been excoriated by lifestyle gurus is seemingly endless: Insisting she made Yoga One thing, committing a crime Ski and run event, publicly performing what many considered too “consciously unhinged” by her ex-husband Coldplay frontman Chris Martin — oh, and her wellness empire, Goop. Just over a hundred pieces of questionable health advice by

But his latest PR stunt may be his most controversial yet…

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Goop is the newsletter that became an empire.

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Launched in 2008, Goop began as a simple weekly email from Paltrow that encouraged readers to do things many other rich people do in the name of “doing away with white foods” and living their best lives. Encouraged.

What does “goop” even mean?

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Paltrow has said that the “G” and “P” come from her initials, but the rest of the word is intentionally mysterious. “I wanted it to be a word that meant nothing and meant anything,” Paltrow said.

The brand has always been widely considered a bit pretentious.

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While her intentions may be altruistic, most of Paltrow’s wellness advice is out of touch.

Goop is notorious for his controversial health advice.

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The website’s wisdom and recommended treatments range from the ridiculous to the downright dangerous.

There was a funny unrelated column she wrote for Busy Moms.

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Don’t you hate it when your robot can’t make enough and you’re late for a fitting with your personal stylist? At least this blog has made the world my all-time favorite. GP referral“What’s up, Muffler.”

The infamous uni egg.

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“Made of heart-stimulating rose quartz” designed to bring positive energy to your… uni. Colloquially, it’s a place where the sun don’t shine.

Encourage mugwort steams.

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Vaginal cleansing aims to release negative energy and balance hormone levels similar to a yeast infection.

Don’t worry, Goop has advice on where the sun shines.

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The company claimed that conventional sunscreen was dangerous for expectant mothers, and promoted the use of mineral-based creams instead (also, please wear sunscreen every day!).

This landed the GP in a bit of hot water.

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And not the nice uni steam type hot water either. The UK science organization Good Thinking Society found 113 misleading claims on the Goop website.

Some goop methods have proven fatal.

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Last year, a 55-year-old woman died after receiving bee sting acupuncture therapy promoted by the brand as a treatment for arthritis and inflammation.

Unfortunately, reports show that the risks far outweigh any potential consequences.

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Evidence suggests that bee sting therapy may actually increase the risks of anaphylaxis, stroke, and death over time.

After many of Goop’s claims were found to be suspect, a formal complaint was filed.

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The company was accused of false advertising and forced to pay a substantial financial settlement.

GP was also forced to hire a fact checker for the company.

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Which she was reportedly not thrilled about.

Clearly, Goop’s methods have been quite unpopular.

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Fraudulent health advice, product recommendations, and ridiculous annual gift guides are basically a joke to anyone making less than the “millionaire” income brackets.

So it’s no surprise that the next Goop experiment met with some resistance.

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The wellness guru is expanding his empire with new content, including a documentary with Netflix.

The series was intended to reach a wider Goop audience.

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GP’s team said the company has “big stories” to tell, and they want to use the streaming platform to do it. Is binge-watching a form of self-care?

Goop consults medical experts on the show.

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Doctors, researchers and experts weighed in during the half-hour episodes. Thanks, but Mary Kondo has already made our lives full GP.

Empire also expanded the reach of its podcast.

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Goop’s podcast was one of the most downloaded episodes of 2018, covering everything from self-help topics to interviews with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Julia Roberts.

GoPod recently interviewed former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

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Sitting down with a notorious billionaire currently getting roasted on Twitter for his ill-conceived presidential bid probably isn’t the best way to become more relatable to the public.

People aren’t thrilled to see Goop moving into their favorite streaming service.

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The announcement drew the attention of critics who called Goop nothing more than a rich man’s scam, a threat everyone is all too familiar with from the recent dialogue surrounding the Fyre Festival.

Some say GP tips take advantage of women who try to have it all.

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“Wellness” marketing targets women. While they may promise overall mental and physical health, many of the products advertised on Goop are just rehashed versions of the same old crappy products that have always taken advantage of women’s insecurities against them.

People have already suffered as a result of Goop’s baseless claims.

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With a wider audience, there’s even more risk.

The conversation about non-traditional health practices is especially hot right now.

With an alarming anti-vaccination movement leading to the resurgence of diseases from a bygone era, people are especially worried about the consequences of popularizing pseudoscience.

But Paltrow’s latest social media move is just as controversial.

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As he shared a Bikini photoplus a long essay this week about all his thoughts on aging…

“My body, the proof map of all days, is less immortal,” she wrote. “A scar from an oven burn, a broken finger in a window a long time ago, childbirth.”

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“And while I do what I can for good health and longevity, to prevent weakening muscles and declining bones, I have a mantra that I put into the careless thoughts that derail me. Try: I accept!”

I accept scars and loose skin, wrinkles. I accept my body and let go of the need to be perfect, to look perfect, to defy gravity, to defy logic, to defy humanity. I embrace my humanity.”

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