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Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe, written and directed by H Alberto, is a film about two homosexual Mexican boys who discover deep secrets within themselves over the course of a school year. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Benjamin Alire Saenz Y.A.

Aristotle “Ari” Mendoza (Max Pelayo) opens the film by introducing viewers to his family and high school life. He is not interested in being one of the tough guys and wants something more than provincial life in 1985 New Mexico. A chance encounter with Dante (Riz Gonzalez), a young man Ari meets at the local swimming pool, leads to a close bond between the two. Aristotle’s father, Jamie (Eugenio Derbez), mopes around the house in a melancholy mood, so he is closer to his Mother, Liliana (Veronica Falcon). She takes care of the family while his older, estranged brother is serving a hard time in prison.

Both boys have personality issues, but Dante is the bolder of the two and is willing to voice his feelings about said issues out loud. On top of the fact that his race is always questioned because his father Sam (Kevin Alejandro) is white and his mother Soledad (Eva Longoria) is Mexican, he feels like no one is missing him. Despite their differences, Aristotle and Dante develop a friendship that will transcend this earthly plane and open the door to a universe of information about themselves and the world around them.

Aristotle and Dante ask hard existential questions to your audience about life, identity, loyalty, righteousness, and how these principles relate to Mexican culture. Alberto doesn’t reveal anything new as the film plays on the angst, the hidden queer trope. However, it’s nice to see parents in films who don’t hate their kids for being different. It might not be realistic, but it’s nice to see such a view coming from the Latin community.

People can bring out the best or the worst in each other, but good friendship is transformative. Feeling this level of comfort and friendliness with someone you can trust can lead to real honesty, which is exactly what these two young people do for each other. They go through ups, downs, and downs in their individual journeys, but because their bond is so strong, the two meet in the middle anyway. Alberto’s story is not so much about revelation as it is about standing up for your truth, whatever it may be. If you’re gay, be proud of it, despite what the haters think. Your friends will always have your back and lift you off the floor when in doubt.

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