Haley Atwell reveals her role as Lara Croft in the upcoming ‘Tomb Raider’ series eight years ago

It took eight years, but a special mineral dream. Haley Atwell.Netflix finally announces that the 39-year-old actor has been cast as the voice of a popular video. Game character Lara Croft In their new Tomb Rider Animated series

Etowell jumped from stage to screen and made a gold hit in 2011 when he was cast in a recurring role as Peggy Carter in Marvels. Captain America: The First Avenger. But in 2013, she was running a gun. Play another familiar face.

“It’s kind of an online campaign for me. Tomb Rider reborn.“All I know is that it’s just a game,” Atwell said in 2013. MGM has the rights to turn it into a movie, which would be great to do because I will spend a year of my life in rigorous training and acquiring all kinds of great entertainment skills.

Atwel was definitely a supporter at the time. The actress told MGM that she is interested in playing an instantly recognizable role by retweeting fans who want to see her in an action-packed story.

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Although Craft’s role eventually went to Alicia Weekender in the 2018 reboot, Etoile has continued to work ever since, repeating the now-famous Peggy Carter’s role in 12 Marvel productions over the decade since her debut. ۔ Eight years after Lara Croft’s desire for the role, the role is finally hers, even if this time she has to train her body for a year.

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The partnership between New Netflix Productions, Streamer and Legendary Entertainment will follow the events of Crystal Dynamics’ video game reboot trilogy, and will see Craft.Keep exploring new areas.“This is the first time the property will be revived by a mobile phone, after the famous Star Wars, which was a live action series starring Angelina Jolie from 2001-2003. It has also been adapted into a comic book.” Reboot.

Atwell is no stranger to voice acting, having previously worked with Netflix, which provided Zadra’s voice. 3 below: Arcadia stories.. She performed the Matinee Cat this year. Peter the Rabbit 2: The Fugitive., As well as Peggy Carter’s return to the role for various Marvel short films and video games of the past month. Breakout Disney + hits, what if..?

Audiences will see Haley Atwell next year with Tom Cruise next year. Mission Impossible 7..

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