Halle Bailey Addresses Backlash Over New ‘Little Mermaid’ Movie

after the Little Jalpri While the biggest reaction from fans was negative, actress Halle Bailey has now reacted in her own way.

Clearly, things need attention…

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But still, they don’t seem to be getting any better…

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The 1989 classic, which tells the story of a mermaid princess, called Ariel, who falls in love with a human prince on Earth, is officially getting the live-action treatment.

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With Hayley Bailey playing Ariel.

Halle Bailey is best known for her R&B singing duo with her older sister Chloe.

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Similar to the likes of Justin Bieber, the duo started out by covering popular songs online.

And one Very The famous singer became a fan…

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In 2013, the siblings posted a cover Beyonce’s hit ‘Pretty Hurts’, and the clip caught the eye of Queen B herself.

Their A-list support from Beyoncé landed the duo a record deal and, as you can imagine, The sky was touched fame duo.

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Their debut EP, Sugar Symphony, was released in April 2016 and, that year, they opened for Beyoncé on the European leg of her Formation World Tour. Now, this is one Beautiful Impressive resume.

Chloe and Halle worked with the star again in 2018, opening the US side of her and Jay Z’s On The Run II.

there are some strange things about beyonce and jay zs marriage that everyone just ignores 34
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The duo has earned 2 Grammy nominations as well as impressive performances at both Super Bowls — considered one of the most sought-after gigs to take the stage. And 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Great.

And that’s not all…

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They are both starring in the upcoming US sitcom, Adult (2018)which centers around the eldest daughter of the Johnson family, as she takes her first steps into the real world and heads off to college.

The younger half of the song has also added Disney to his resume.

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She will ride solo to star in the live-action remake of Little Jalpri.

After an “extensive” search, it looks like they’ve finally found their perfect Ariel, with Halle Bailey set to play everyone’s favorite mermaid princess.

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The director, Rob Marshall, was impressed with his choice of Ariel and, according to the BBC, said that Halle “possesses a rare combination of soul, heart, youth, innocence, and substance – plus a wonderful singing voice.”

And the vocals of this song will be put to really good use…

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The live-action remake is said to include everyone’s favorite songs from the 1989 original, including songs like ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Kiss the Girl’. Also new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. We don’t know about you, but we are. So Happy now.

Congratulatory messages poured in for the teenage star.

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“Hailey Bailey, a black teenager who wears locs, is the stuff of dreams to be cast as a Disney princess. Imagine what seeing her on screen will do for this generation of black girls. wrote A person.

Although some were suspicious of Black Ariel.

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Anyway, her message in response to being cast as Ariel was pretty short and sweet, but we think it’s just right. We are So Happy for Halle!

Later this week, the first official trailer for the film was dropped.

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And it’s safe to say that it has taken over the internet!

While many were excited to see the first scenes of Halle in the iconic role…

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Others were upset that the new film wasn’t a complete frame-for-frame remake of the original…

A lot of silly complaints are coming out.

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“The amount of racism she’s getting from white people makes me so sad for her. It’s supposed to be a happy moment for her but all the racists are ruining it, I hope. That she is getting mental and emotional support, racism on this scale is traumatizing. Still evident to her,” one person wrote.

Excited to hear about this latest version. Little Jalpri Story. I think they are going back to the original source material and the ending will be more faithful to the book,” added another.

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“This is why representation matters! You ‘colorblind’ people who will complain about a fictional character not being white in the same breath you think there’s only one black actress,” offered a third.

Because, believe it or not…

halle berry says its heartbreaking shes still the only black woman to win best lead actress oscar 14
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Some people have managed to confuse Halle Bailey for Halle Berry.

A Twitter user posted an angry tweet which has since been deleted…

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“Halle Berry is almost 60 playing a 16-year-old girl. That’s what happens when you piss off a fandom,” he wrote.

And, hilariously, Halle Berry herself responded…

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with Tweet Which has taken the internet by storm.

In fact, the 2 have been mistaken for each other before.

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Although this appears They are on good terms about it.

Now, since the trailer for the new live-action movie has been dropped, we can see that it’s already gotten a lot of stick online.

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But the extent to which Disney fans are upset with Disney’s casting is overwhelming.

Although YouTube has changed the dislike button so the number of dislikes is hidden, a plugin revealed that more than 2 million users disliked the trailer.

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After watching the trailer at the D23 Expo fan convention on September 10, the original actress who voices Ariel spoke out.

Sixty-year-old Judy Benson wrote on her Instagram story: “So excited! So excited! Hell, you were absolutely amazing!

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Benson continued: “I’m so proud of you and your beautiful performance as Ariel. It was wonderful to be here at the D23 Expo with my family. And the wonderful director Rob Marshall… Thank you so much for our friendship. Thank you for making such a wonderful film!!!”

Since receiving backlash for being cast in Ariel because of the color of her skin…

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Halle has now addressed the trolls with an epic response.

According to UNILAD, Bailey also spoke about the pressures she faced to step into the iconic character’s shoes.

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“I’m so excited about this movie. You know, it’s so surreal to be here today. I’m just a fan of all the other projects and the fact that I get to be a part of something like this. It’s amazing. ,” he revealed.

He went on to confess his love for the film and what it meant to him…

“I definitely think that because I love this movie so much, and I’ve valued it so much since I was a little girl, I put a little bit of pressure on myself. Just because I I want to convey all the feelings I experienced as a little girl,” she said.

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“Knowing that he gave my all and gave 110 percent in everything for this film, I am really proud of myself,” he added.

Soon after, the star actress admitted that she always feels grateful for the opportunity…

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As with all the hype surrounding the film, the actress revealed that she is really happy to be a part of the film, which is based on it.

“With all the comments and people’s feedback going on, it just reminds me that I have this opportunity and to be grateful,” she said.

halle bailey had the perfect reaction to being cast as ariel in the little mermaid remake 0
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“I know what it would mean to me as a little girl to see Black Ariel. If I had seen it, it would have changed my whole outlook on life,” she said. Continued.

“The fact that it’s now being played by me, a person who looks like me, a woman of color, I’m just like, wow, I’m so grateful that it’s for all the other little black and brown people. What will it do for. The boys and girls who will see themselves in me…”

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“Because I know if I had seen myself at a younger age, I think my whole perspective would have changed,” she said.

Well, what do you think?

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