Halsey explains why they just can’t release their new song as the record company blocked it due to the TikTok virus

Halsey talks more about how and why her record label won’t release any of her songs unless it first goes viral on TikTok.

The 27-year-old singer took to the platform over the weekend to update fans on the situation that caused the clip to go viral.

Now, Halsey took to Twitter to elaborate on the current situation and where they are going next.

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After her story hit the headlines on Sunday (May 23), Halsey’s former label, Astralwerks, issued a statement about the situation.

Halsey then clarified that Astralwerks didn’t actually hold the song captive, but instead it was Capitol Records.

“I am no longer subscribed to astralwerks! Astralwerks is the label that signed me to a contract and then they sent me upstream to Capitol.” said. “This quote comes from a company that believed in me from the very beginning. Not the company I’m currently fighting ❤️.”

They continued by explaining to the fans that they just can’t drop the song whenever they want and it’s all a marketing game.

“Was talking to my label tonight after my tiktok tantrum. They said, “Wow, tiktok is getting really strong!” I thought, “OK, cool, so now I can release my song?” They said let’s see! 🙃 tell me again how I make it up, ”one of the tweets. read.

Halsey added the next day: “At this point I don’t know what to do because I told the truth about what’s going on and now I STILL don’t have a release date And some of you think I’m lying about this whole fiasco . so i fucked twice lol. if you have questions, I have answers. I have nothing to hide.”

When asked by fans what they can do to fix the situation, Halsey replied, “Honestly, tiktok has already gone viral + I still don’t have a release date. I would say just do what you guys usually do amazing when I announce a song (under the best of circumstances). They haven’t given me a date and I want to release it as soon as possible, so it’s really a delay.”

Here’s what else Halsey said about the record company blocking the release:

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