‘Hamilton’ Trans Actor Claims Retaliation Over Dressing Room Request – Deadline

Sunny Red, A non-binary actor who appeared in productions in Broadway, Chicago and Los Angeles. Hamilton Both couples and the main characters have filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that their agreement was not renewed in retaliation for a request for a gender-neutral dressing room during LA production.

“In public, Hamilton It is a beacon of diversity and a commitment to the pursuit of social justice and harmony. “However, behind the scenes, the company’s management will fire a black, transgender caste member simply because he stood up for himself and advocated for a more just workplace, and therefore questioned this public image.” “We look forward to maintaining the MX,” said Reid.

According to the complaint, Reid “applied for a legally protected application” last June for access to a gender-neutral dressing room at the Hollywood Pentagon Theater. Hamilton Drama “weeks later,” according to lawyers, “Hamilton Mx renewed suspended red contract, rehearsing, previewing, and finally opening the night and beyond.

Reid retained legal counsel in late July and reported the production of legal claims for discrimination and retaliation. In September 2021, the production told Reid that their contract would not be renewed. HamiltonThe book, music, and lyrics, directed by Lin Manuel Miranda and Thomas Kell, kicked off on August 17 in Pentecost.

Deadline has been reached for the spokesperson. Hamilton A statement is coming for comment.

Between principals Hamilton Reid’s cast includes Aaron Burr, George Washington, Hercules Milligan / James Madison, and Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson.

According to the complaint, the production eventually provided a gender-neutral dressing room when cast member Rory O’Malley (who plays King George) generously offered to leave his dressing room, but the company still maintained its vengeance. Will not leave . Reid and his offer to renew the contract were completely canceled.

Reid also claimed that he had been subjected to additional incidents of discrimination and harassment by some cast members and management, including incidents in which some actors physically threatened Mx. Red or deliberate and repeatedly sexually abused.

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