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special: Harlan Cobain’s Asylum, Prime Video’s YA action thriller from MGM International Television Productions and Amazon Studios is rounding up its recurring cast. didi whofat)Miss Pyle (Y: The Last Man) Hunter Emery ((Orange is the new black.)Antonio Cipriano (God made me a friend)Peter Riegert (succession)Adrienne Barbeau (Criminal mindsStephanie March (Law & Order: SVU) and Christopher Polha (Jurassic World Dominion) co-starring Jaden Michaels, newcomer Samantha Bagliaro, Narcy Regina (21 bridge)Alexa Marek (boogie)Manuel Uriza (Too old to die young), and Lee Aaron Rosen (Emily in Paris).

In addition to Michael, he joins previously announced cast members Constance Zimmer, Adrienne Greensmith, Abby Corrigan, Sage Linder, Brian Altimes and Tovah Feldschuh.

Based on Cobain’s Mickey Bollator trilogy, shelter Tells the story of high school junior Mickey Bollator (Michael) as he navigates his new life and school in New Jersey. When a mysterious old woman (Feldschuh) tells Mickey that his father is not dead, Mickey is convinced that he is losing his mind more than anything else. Mickey finds a grounding force in Ashley Kent (Bugliaro), another freshman going through her own tragedy. But when Ashley goes missing, Mickey and her new friends Emma (Corrigan) and Spawn (Greensmith) discover that everything she told him was a lie—and that Mickey is in grave danger all the while. Until he gets to the bottom of what happened to him and his father. . Mickey’s search plunges him into a world of intrigue, lies and the darkest sides of humanity.

Conn will play Mrs. Friedman, a sweet, quick-witted history teacher at Castleton High School whose past is far more complicated than she lets on.

Pyle is Hannah, Troy’s (Altimus) mother, who was Shera’s (Zimmer) best friend in high school, but is now married to Sheriff Ken Taylor, Sheriff’s high school boyfriend. This chic lady seems to have the perfect life, but of course, nothing is as it seems.

Emery portrays the Sunglasses Man, the mysterious right-hand man of the Bat Ladies (Fieldshow), with a deadly presence.

Cipriano plays Buck, a cocky high school basketball player/theatre boy. With the brain of an ostrich and the voice of an angel, he is Troy’s (Altimus) best friend, and frequent tormentor of Mickey, Spoon and Emma (Corrigan).

Reigart is Alan, the loving grandfather of Mickey, “Pops” and the doting father of Shera. Nostalgic memories of returning to their family home trigger a wave of grief for her son Brad.

Barbeau plays Ellen, Mickey’s fun-loving grandmother and Shira’s mother. His passive-aggressive comments about his daughter’s personal life can be overbearing. Smart and intuitive, she can identify hidden hostility and relieve tension. Alan finds it difficult to talk about his grief over his late son.

The march features Angelica White, a famous stage and screen actor, in a nonprofit benefit for Castleton High’s art program.

Polha is Brad, Mickey’s father and Shira’s brother. Well-travelled, smart and charismatic, Brad is the ideal father figure to Mickey — but he’s hiding a secret life to protect his son.

Bagliaro plays Ashley Kent. Ashley, along with Mickey, is a new student at Castleton High whose secret is deeper and scarier than Mickey or his friends can imagine.

Regina is Kitty, Mickey’s mother. Despite how intelligent and perceptive she is, Kitty faces internal conflicts, some of which may present a challenge for her when it comes to helping her beloved son.

Marika plays Whitney. Whitney was known as Buck’s eccentric and artistic twin sister until she rose to social media star status with her makeup skills. She takes an interest in Emma.

Uriza is Octoface. Nicknamed “Octoface” because of the large tattoo of an octopus on his face, this menacing man always appears in times of trouble.

Rogen plays Chief Ken Taylor. Casselton and Troy’s father, the local police chief in Kane, seem determined to expose Mickey for something (anything). He still carries a torch for his high school girlfriend Shira.

Cobain and Alan McDonald serve as co-showrunners and executive producers. Also executive producing are Ed Ornelas, Patricia Cardoso (Pilot) and Eric Barmack. MGM’s Rolla Bauer is overseeing the series for the studio. Charlotte Cobain is a producer. The series is co-produced by Amazon Studios and MGM International Television Productions.

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