Harry Potter fans always laugh at this movie quote that wasn’t in the books

In the Harry Potter subreddit, u/blvackwitchery shared: “This line of Rita from the film [Goblet of Fire] things that aren’t in the books always make me laugh.” They continue a short conversation between Rita Skeeter and the Boy-Who-Lived as they enter the broom closet for a one-on-one interview. Rita says, “It’s cozy,” to which Harry replies, “Uh, it’s a broom closet.” Then, after delivering a brutal blow, Rita brings him home with the words: “Then you should feel at home.”

While we probably shouldn’t explain why this particular dig is so particularly brutal, there might be someone who hasn’t consumed Potter-themed media yet, so here’s a rundown. Harry Potter spent his first eleven years of his life in a broom closet. That’s all. His family, the Dursleys, is made up entirely of vicious and selfish people. In the words of Professor McGonagall (Maggie Smith), “They’re the worst kind of Muggle you can imagine.”

Harry never really talks much about his time with the Dursleys at Hogwarts, so this just goes to show just how aggressive Rita Skeeter is. As readers or viewers will know, Rita Skeeter proves to be literally a fly (or bug) on ​​the wall in places she’s not entitled to, and that’s how she gets the dirt for her trashy gossip. At the same time, Miranda Richardson portrays Skeeter so well that even her brutal excavations sound hilarious.

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