Harry Potter fans pray for Tom Felton after he fell in a golf match.

Although there is no update on Felton’s medical condition, fans sent heartfelt messages of speedy recovery.

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By: Instagram.

British actor Tom Felton., Fell on Thursday at the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament in Shibugan, Wisconsin. Felton was taken to a hospital in Wisconsin when he fell on the 18th hole in the City Straits course.

Tom Felton is known for his character. Harry Potter As movies Dracu Malfay, a wicked boy from Slaterin.. He wanted to destroy Harry Potter and become the greatest magician ever.

The actor has acted in a few films since then, but none was as important as the Potter films.

“When it comes to Felton’s post-Harry Potter characters, they are no bigger. The rise of the monkey planet.. It was the first film in the rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy, starring James Franco as a scientist who personally likes a test chimpanzee named Caesar. Felton plays Dodge Landon, an animal abuser.. ”

Felton was also in the film. Lift up In 2016, which was reportedly his most successful post. Harry Potter The character finally, one of his recent projects, feed with Beautiful little liars. Star, Troy Belisario..

Most recently, Felton has been associated with golf, playing for a team of European celebrities who have surpassed American golf experts. His misfortune ended just one day after his 34th birthday.

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Tom Felton’s Birthday Post

Felton wrote on Twitter, “It’s been 33 years.” Yet, somehow, I still feel that the best is yet to come – thank you for your love, support and sense of humor – let’s have a Keep up the good work – until the next 33xx. ”

Felton was shown upset and was being carried on a stretcher on his legs and golf cart. The severe fall shook the crowd and everyone is praying for a speedy recovery.

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Fans pray for Felton.

One user posted a screenshot of the messages in which he shared the news with his father who was in the game.

“Horrible scene in the Strait of the City.”

“She is OK. She will recover soon.”

“We believe in you love! You are strong, we love you, it will be fine.”

There is no word yet on Tom Felton’s medical condition.

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Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs reunite the Malfay family.

Tom still calls his ex-screen father “Dad”.

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